iwabonewalcumAs the August 6 release date of their new album, LATE FOR NOTHING approaches, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE is back with the second taste of their new sounds, and the voice of new vocalist Courtney LaPlante. "Firebees" can be streamed below, and word just arrived from Century Media Records that pre-orders are now live. Anyone that pre-orders LATE FOR NOTHING on iTunes will receive "Firebees" as an immediate download.

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IWRESTLEDABEARONCE hit The Rock Father with details on a new limited-edition t-shirt that they've released via their official webstore to raise donations and awareness for the LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD. All proceeds from the shirt will be donated directly to GLAAD with an additional $2 per shirt (for the first 250 sold) donated by the folks at Alternative Press. Check out what IWABO guitarist Steven Bradley has to say about the new shirt...

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If you enjoyed The Random Rock columns when I was doing them for Kik Axe Music, then you'll be pleased to know that they'll be continuing here on The Rock Father™.  The concept is simple: There's just too much news for just one site to handle, so we compile bite-sized headlines on a few dozen bands and artists into one post. If you want to learn more, we'll tell you where to go. As the title implies, this really is random rock. Heavy metal, radio rock, punk, indie rock, ska, mainstrem, black metal, grindcore... if it's part of rock, then it's probably here, but you might find some other genres dropped in as well. 

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iwabonesI was pretty sure that I was approaching a boss in some long-lost SNES game upon pressing the play button to start virtual rotation of RUINING IT FOR EVERYBODY, the second full-length album from genre-bending audio hooligans IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. True to IWABO form, that vibe was destroyed a mere six seconds into Next Visible Delicious and the sonic spectrum was bent completely.

Indeed, true believers - IWABO is back, and if you hated 'em before, get ready... there's a lot more to hate this time around.

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