125victoryThe Holiday Sweater. It's a timeless tradition, one whose popularity has only grown in recent years... moving beyond just properly woven seasonal garments, and into the realm of sweatshirts and t-shirts inspired by these hand-crafted American artisan treasures. A Holiday Sweatshirt is a great gift idea for any special someone in your life, and if that special someone enjoys a little ROCK, then chances are, the folks at Chicago's own Victory Records have just what you're looking for. This year, Victory has issued a limited-edition run of Holiday Sweatshirts and matching t-shirts featuring REVEREND HORTON HEAT, THE BUNNY THE BEAR, EMMURE, OTEP, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and TERROR, along with a matching Victory Records pair. In the spirit of giving, Victory Records has teamed-up with The Rock Father to get three lucky readers hooked-up with incredible prize packs from some of their favorite bands!

I've said it before, and I find myself saying it again, if only for the new friends that are just finding THE ROCK FATHER and have no knowledge of my past: In a lot of ways, my teen years were like an early-1990s version of ALMOST FAMOUS. But, instead of it being Cameron Crowe hanging with LED ZEPPELIN and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND and writing about the experience for ROLLING STONE, it was me hanging with bands like FAITH NO MORE and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and writing about the experience for regional print 'zines like Oil, Slowfish, and The River Cities' Reader. Thing is, I also had a cable access show. The simply-titled "ZTV" ran for 40+ episodes from it's homebase in the Quad Cities from 1992-1994. One such adventure? A 16-year-old me going one-on-one with Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH in January of 1993. Yes, I had a mullet and a Vic Rattlehead shirt. And it was awesome.

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If you ever browse the off-the-mainpage "For Grownups" section of The Rock Father, you might've already seen me proclaim my allegiance for Sweden's GHOST (now known in the U.S. as "GHOST B.C." for "legal reasons) in recent months. They're hardly what I'd call "family friendly," which is why they'd normally not be featured right here on the mainpage... but we're in the midst of the Halloween season, and certain bands just fit right in. GHOST is one of them, and today they land at Day 6 on The Rock Father's 31 Days of Halloween 2013... not for their music, but for their hamburger. A spooky treat for Chicagoans to eat?

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It's 11:30pm and I'm listening to "Ghastly," one of the new songs on OMEN OF DISEASE, the forthcoming album from reformed Chicago Death Metallers BROKEN HOPE. The kids are in bed... so is the wife, so I can have a little old-school evil emitting from my speakers. Truth be told, BH bassist Shaun Glass is a friend - a fellow "Rock Father" himself - and someone I've done work for in the past. If you dig the hard stuff, you, too can be listening to "Ghastly" in a few moments... it's being offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD via Century Media Records!

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GWAR is one of my favorite bands. My wife does not share that love, and has, on occasion, scolded me for wearing blood-soaked GWAR t-shirts in front of small children. My response? I'm THE ROCK FATHER, and GWAR has been providing me with fine metal grooves since I first heard SCUMDOGS OF THE UNIVERSE over two decades ago. Now, the mighty GWAR have announced their 13th studio album, BATTLE MAXIMUS (pre-order NOW on iTunes). Available on September 17th via Metal Blade Records, the album is a tribute to fallen guitarist Flattus Maximus, and the debut of new GWAR-tarist, Pustulus Maximus. Check out some words from the band, along with the new single, "Madness at the Core of Time" below...

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As a STAR WARS fan that is also a fan of metal, this might just be the best music video that I will see this year. Ahead of the October 1 North American release of their new album, THE DISAPPEARING HUMANS (Century Media/Earache Records), THE MORE I SEE has released the video for "The Eye That Offends." The entire piece was shot on abandoned sets from the iconic first STAR WARS film, deep within the Tunisian Desert of North Africa. Watch it now...

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