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OTEP - "Hydra" (Album Review)

In one of my past lives as a music writer, I might've spent a great deal of time breaking down the sonic content of HYDRA, the just-released and proclaimed "final album" from OTEP. 2013 certainly brings with it a new era, and one where I'll just cut to the chase and tell you this: HYDRA is not a good album.

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It's fitting that KING DIAMOND has some news for us this December. After all, it was December 25, 1985 when he first released his now-classic single, "No Presents for Christmas" (get it on iTunes). 27 years later, and the King has a present for Christmas... a new, three-album deal with Metal Blade Records. 

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DIRGE WITHIN have had an interesting, yet tumultuous year. Following a lineup shift early-on that found them recording their new album, THERE WILL BE BLOOD with a new guitarist (Chuck Wepfer) and fill-in bassist (Jeff Paulick of LAZARUS A.D.), the album saw release on Rocket Science Ventures (get it on iTunes) accompanied by a lyric video for the track "For My Enemies." That lyric video was cut by yours truly, right here at Rock Father HQ in-between trips to the park and parent-tot playtime.

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I wasn't really expecting any CHIMAIRA news today, but an email arrived here at Rock Father HQ with a "statement" from frontman Mark Hunter. It's a look back at the band's tumultuous recent history, and a clue to where they're headed. Check out the entire thing below the break.

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Texas-based Alaskan metal act TURBID NORTH are hitting the road for THE TRUDGE TOUR, and much as they did last year when I reviewed their debut album (reposted from another site, here), they had one of their operatives hit me up personally to help spread the word. To get said word out there, they took a page from the book of NAVY SEALS and HOT SHOTS with a special video in which the entire Turbid Team is assembled 80's action style. Video and dates below.

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I've been telling you about RIFF ROCKIT since I reviewed his debut album here on The Rock Father this past March, and if you have kids and like to rock - then hopefully you've checked him out. Riff will soon release his first DVD, RIFF ROCKIT: LIVE IN CONCERT, and today a couple of previews hit Riff's Facebook, so I couldn't resist sharing them with you here. Check out the trailer, and a full performance of 'Jump Up' below. I've said it before, but this reminds me a lot of KIDS INCORPORATED...

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