About a year ago, ALEX MITNICK (the "Alex" from ALEX & THE KALEIDOSCOPE BAND) became a "Rock Father" himself, ushering in the birth of his son, Baby Miles. In celebration of his little one, Alex has written an entire album for him (and you!) called LOVE SONGS FOR MY BABY. Set for release this Father's Day (also the anniversary of this site), Alex is giving listeners an early taste with the release of the first single, "Feelin' Fine." Check out the beautiful video below, and keep reading for details on how you can help spread the music, and score a FREE DOWNLOAD for your own collection!

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Well this is interesting. What could've been a Mashup Monday entry arrived here at Rock Father HQ on a Tuesday, and now I'm sharing it with you on Wednesday. Covers Wednesday, as EXCISION & DOWNLINK have teamed up to offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Rock You" - their take on the iconic QUEEN classic, "We Will Rock You." Complete with a Freddie Mercury vocal sample, the track can be streamed or downloaded via the Soundcloud player below.

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Where did 2013 go? People have long said that the years seem to pass faster as you get older, but 2013... this was something different. Never before has a year been as big a blur as this one. Maybe it's the fact that this is the year that Little Finley went mobile (started walking), creating a situation in which I'm chasing two kids around all day instead of just one. Perhaps its all the adventures we've been having, but honestly, I just don't know why it seems to have flown by so fast. So here we are, New Year's Eve... the last day of 2013, and we're standing on the cusp of 2014. Whatever you choose to do tonight, rock is needed, and thanks to my kindie punk rock friends, THE BOOGERS, you have a new track to add to your New Year's Eve playlist. Enjoy THE BOOGERS' rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" below, and download it if you'd like. Happy New Year!

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TODD McHATTON has been growing a collection of Christmas songs since 2009, and for 2013, he's assembled them all into an album called... CHRISTMAS SONGS. Being that it's Christmas Eve and all, it's time to celebrate the season of giving, and Todd's giving all of you his new album as a FREE DOWNLOAD! But like the As Seen On TV slogan goes, "But wait! There's more!" Through tomorrow (Christmas Day), ALL of Todd's albums are available as FREE DOWNLOADS via Bandcamp. That's right, you can fill your virtual stocking with some fine tunes from one of the best kindie rockers out there, all for the price of a snowflake. Check out the new video for "Santa Flying in Your Sleigh" below, right here on The Rock Father...

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I'm not a big fan of fun., but my wife is, so I just snagged the new live EP that the band is offering as a FREE DOWNLOAD via Noisetrade. Before Shane Went to Bankok: FUN. Live in the USA features six songs recorded live during the MOST NIGHTS Tour, one of which is a previously-unreleased non-album track. Get the download via the widget below... 

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125ntntIf it were say, 1985, and I were out at the mall Christmas shopping after catching a matinee screening of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, it's very likely that I would've heard something with a vibe similar to "The List" at some point in my travels. But this isn't '85, it's 2013... but that doesn't matter, because Portland-based NTNT (Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger) has released "The List" as a holiday-flavored single that's being made available as a gift for you. Yes, just for you. Stream it below...

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