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AMERICAN GIRL announces relaunch and expansion of their BITTY BABY line...

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This past Friday night, I was invited to be one of a select group of Bloggers to take part in a first-of-its-kind event at American Girl Place in Chicago. It was a celebration - a baby shower of sorts - to announce American Girl's new arrival: The Brand-New World of Bitty Baby. On August 27, 2013, the newly-enhanced Bitty Baby line of 15-inch dolls, clothing, and accessories for girls ages 3+ will make it's public debut at American Girl stores, and online at AmericanGirl.com.

American Girl - Arrival of Bitty Baby...

The new line features 11 different dolls, each with different skin tones, hair colors, and eye color combinations, alongside furniture crafted of real wood, cute accessories, plush animals, and matching outfits for little girls and their Bitty Baby dolls. A new collection of books written by Kirby Larson and illustrated by Sue Cornelison will also be released, "heartwarming tales help little girls shine bright by encouraging curiosity, generosity, confidence, and kindness." The books also include a special “For Parents” section that "focuses on the social and emotional experience of preschoolers and offers parents tips to help their little girls become more confident, patient, and independent."

American Girl's 2013 Bitty Baby

Looking at the new line in person, the first thing that struck me is how much the Bitty Baby and Me book reminds me of my two daughters, Addie and Finn.  The dolls are adorable (as expected), but I'm a sucker for the outfits and accessories. Each Bitty Baby doll comes dressed in a signature sleeper, along with a special “wishing star” keepsake toy and the Bitty Baby and Me book.

Bitty Baby Books...

American Girl 2013 Bitty Baby Books

Bitty Baby and Me

In this first story, a little girl introduces her new doll, Bitty Baby, to her family, including her prickly big sister. At nap time, the little girl tells Bitty Baby a story about a magical mermaid adventure—but the best magic of all is the creative way the girl makes her wish come true and gets her older sister to play with her. Includes a “For Parents” section that focuses on the social and emotional experience of preschoolers and offers parenting tips.

American Girl's 2013 Bitty Baby

Bitty Baby at the Ballet

In this story, a little girl and her Bitty Baby doll are getting ready for a ballet recital. To calm her pre-performance jitters, the little girl tells Bitty Baby a story about a bunny who overcomes stage fright to win a hopping contest. Includes a “For Parents” section that looks at different ways to support children’s interests and talents.

Bitty Baby Loves the Snow

A little girl takes her Bitty Baby doll outside to play in the snow, but her big brother is too busy sledding to help build a snowman. As she waits, the girl tells a story about Bitty Baby and a polar bear and how they learn to play together. When her brother finally arrives, she has solved her own problem. Includes a “For Parents” section that provides insight and tips on encouraging positive social play.

American Girl's 2013 Bitty Baby

Bitty Baby the Brave

A little girl and her Bitty Baby doll hear a scary noise in the basement when they visit Grammy and Grampa’s new house. To calm her fears, the little girl tells Bitty Baby a story about overcoming fear with friendship. In the story, Bitty Baby goes on a n imaginary adventure and meets a gorilla, a boa, and an elephant. Includes a “For Parents” section that offers insight and tips on traveling with young children.

American Girl's 2013 Bitty Baby

Princess Bitty Baby

A little girl and her Bitty Baby doll are all ready for bed and can’t wait for a bedtime story. So the girl tells one of her own—about Princess Bitty Baby, a dragon, and an enchanted frog—and discovers the power of her own storytelling. Includes a “For Parents” section that looks at the power of imagination—and how it can help children cope with a challenge.

James Zahn aka The Rock FatherAt the end of our champagne-and-cookie-filled celebration, the crew at American Girl revealed that all of the Bloggers in attendance would be receiving a Bitty Baby of their own. After going through the combinations in detail, I carefully chose what I believe will be a treasured companion for my oldest daughter, Addie. In a few weeks, when our Bitty Baby arrives here at Rock Father HQ, I'll introduce her to the world right here on the site. 

Stay tuned...

In the meantime, while American Girl Place was closed to the public for our event, they did let us shop... and I couldn't leave without a little something for my own "American Girl" --

Addie - The American Girl

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