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TRANSFORMERS War For Cybertron: Siege Optimus Prime and Megatron are Ready for Battle!

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You may have an Optimus or a Megatron toy somewhere, but you need these new ones. Trust us. The Transformers Generations Siege Voyager Wave 1 Case does not disappoint! From Hasbro, both leaders are covered in battle-damage, include 2 weapons each, and have an exceptional range of articulation in their highly detailed robot modes. The Cybertronian vehicles look a little bit like some previous Earth forms but are different enough to be a lot of fun. Optimus and Megatron borrow heavily from classic toy and TV appearances, giving you what may be two of the most amazing figures yet. And they can power up with other smaller Siege Battle Masters, Weaponizers, and Micromasters (sold separately)! Don’t delay – pre-order from Entertainment Earth and transport them to your area via space bridge today!


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