Netflix #StreamTeamOn Friday, December 22, there's a new Netflix Original Series making its debut that's a perfect binge for the holiday break. THE TOYS THAT MADE US is an all-new look at some of the most iconic toy lines of all-time, and they're rolling out the first season with some heavy hitters. While it's not embeddable (yet), a full trailer just launched on Netflix (see it here), and in honor of the release of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, a special sneak-preview of the Star Wars episode was released as well (see that below). In fact, amid all that vintage Kenner glory, you just might see a shot of yours-truly when the episode streams this Friday. I provided them with something that may be in there, but that's just a tiny piece of the overall puzzle. From Hasbro's G.I. Joe & Transformers to Mattel's Barbie and He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, there's a lot of history about to be told, with additional season one episodes set to focus on Hello Kitty, Star Trek and LEGO.

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It was just a couple of weeks ago that I posted an announcement regarding Funko's plans to release POP! Vinyl Star Wars Cantina Aliens 3-Pack featuring Greedo, Hammerhead and Walrus Man, each presented in a color scheme matching their Kenner action figures from the late 1970s. Rumors of just such a pack had been circling for awhile, and with the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration taking place this year, the time is right to bridge the gap between younger fans and old-schoolers like myself. Now, this 3-Pack is making its way out to retail as a Walmart Exclusive, and I got my hands on one right here at Rock Father HQ. Seeing the pictures online was one thing, but seeing these in-person is a complete flashback to my childhood... specifically, the 1978 Sears Cantina Adventure Set...

Star Wars 40th AnniversaryUPDATED WITH PACKAGING and UPC! There's been some rumors floating for a bit that as part of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary celebration, Funko would be releasing some Pop! Vinyl bobbleheads that feature Star Wars characters done in a color scheme to match their original Kenner action figures from the 1970s and 80s. Concept art has been trading the back channels leading some to speculate on its authenticity, but tonight comes confirmation of at least three characters that rank among my childhood favorites: Hammerhead, Greedo and Walrus Man

When it comes to the actors of the original STAR WARS Trilogy, Harrison Ford is arguably the biggest "movie star" to have emerged from "a galaxy far, far away" - his role as cocky smuggler Han Solo serving as a springboard from obscure studio player to Hollywood leading man. Notoriously private and a mercurial man when promoting projects, Ford has a long-held reputation for being a challenging interview subject - one whom after five decades in the game has heard it all, has been asked it all, and will again and again. Perhaps the biggest focus of interview frustration was once Ford's association with STAR WARS itself, with questions ducked, dodged and in some cases, flat-out shut down. Thing is, behind the oft-serious face of one of the greatest actors of our time is that smirk - the same one that helped endear characters like Indiana Jones and Han Solo to audiences on such a mass scale - as if, perhaps there's a little more love for the material than he'd like to lead on, despite a self-professed lack of nostalgia and a stance of just "serving the audience." But here we are, and Ford is back on the interview circuit to discuss his return to the role of Captain Solo - packing a blaster at his side for the first time since RETURN OF THE JEDI in 1983, something that no one would have ever expected. This past Sunday at the Global Press Event for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, Ford started his day with a special sit-down with my group... and in case you had any doubt, I most certainly brought some toys.

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My friend Sam dropped a link on my Facebook page this afternoon with something quite unexpected - a new STAR WARS fan film called SUMMER '78. Directed by J.C. Reifenberg, this 3½-minute gem captures childhood for many, myself included. The backyard movies... those Kenner action figures... the required Super 8mm camera. Funny enough, those same elements that landed me in a Target commercial for the new toys from THE FORCE AWAKENS (something tells me that's gonna keep coming up for a bit). Thing is, this is an Easter-egg laden short that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated by a certain audience... one largely made up of kids that lived this the first time, and are sensing that "awakening" right now. Take a peek...

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It's officially #ForceFriday! As of now, 12;01am local time, products from J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS have become available at retailers everywhere. Having written this very post in advance, I should (in theory) be browsing a local TARGET Supercenter right now, possibly choosing a few items to purchase for our family. While EVERYONE is in on the #ForceFriday action (from retailers you'd expect... to many you wouldn't), I'm only deeming four of them as Officially Rock Father-Approved: TARGET (I'm in one of their STAR WARS commercials!), Entertainment Earth (who rules), Disney Store (tons of fun exclusives) and Amazon (an associate of mine). Not to slight anyone else, but I have relationships with those. Since May 4th, we've been following Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar - presenting a daily look at items from nearly four decades of STAR WARS toys, all leading up to this day. You can click here to see each day's entry, along with several "bonus" posts that I've sprinkled in along the way.

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