News, Review & Feature Submission Guidelines for The Rock Father:

Do you represent something that Rock Father readers should know about? If so, The Rock Father wants to hear from you, but there are a few simple guidelines to consider. 

Send Press Releases to: james [at] therockfather.com

Please DO NOT send "follow-up" emails on press releases or review materials.

News Items and Pitches: The Rock Father covers a vast range of material for the whole family, ages 0-1000. Music, movies, toys, games, books, magazines, apps, tech, gardening, food, automotive, shopping... if there's someone in the family that it would interest, there may be opportunity. All pitches are considered on a case-by-case basis, and may be given coverage if the topic is fitting, and strikes the interest of The Rock Father. Follow-ups regarding news submissions are not necessary and are strongly discouraged.

  • EVENT COVERAGE REQUESTS: Please note that THE ROCK FATHER is based in Northern Illinois, about 50 miles outside of Chicago. 
  • Crowdfunding efforts including Kickstarter and IndieGoGo projects are no longer considered "news," and are now considered to be advertorial in nature. For information on getting your crowdfunding effort covered on The Rock Father, please click here.
  • GUEST POSTS: THE ROCK FATHER does not accept guest posts.
  • INTERVIEW REQUESTS: With very rare exception, James is not currently conducting interviews or seeking interview subjects.

Review Materials: For new music, digital downloads (not streams) are preferred, but please either ask first, or email a link to a service like Haulix or Soundcloud. For physical items such as Toys, Games, DVDs, Lifestyle items, Cars, Trucks, or anything else, please email james [at] therockfather.com for a mailing/shipping address. With certain exceptions (such as vehicles that are on loan), review materials will not be returned. 

FAMILY MUSIC: Effective immediately, review materials must be delivered digitally via download (no streams) via a reputable service such as Haulix or Soundcloud. Unless specifically requested, physical promos will not be accepted, and emails containing attached MP3 or WAV files will be deleted without being read.

When Submitting Material for Review: Please keep in mind that due to the volume of items received, coverage is not guaranteed. Posted reviews will be of the brutally honest nature that readers of The Rock Father have come to expect. A general rule is that if you make a good product, that will be reflected. Make a bad product, and that will be reflected as well. The Rock Father does not and will not accept paid reviews. Follow-ups on review materials are not necessary and are strongly discouraged.

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