TRANSFORMERS will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary next year (I have many Transformers stories to share), and to kick things off, for the first time ever, Hasbro  (NASDAQ: HAS) is inviting kids and longtime fans to help design a new Transformers character that will forever become a part of TF lore. The "Fan Built Bot" promotion officially starts today, and in the end... the new character created with input from the world will be made into an action figure that will be offered in the 2014 "Thrilling 30" line of toys.

I know a lot of you that read The Rock Father are fans of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. Even if you're not a fan yourself (Perhaps you're a Brony? Maybe you're a Pegasister?), there's a strong likelihood that your kids are (like mine), so the world of Equestria is still a part of your life. Knowing that a lot of Rock Father friends are into MLP, the folks over at Mimoco sent over a brand-new Rainbow Dash MIMOBOT - an 8GB USB Flash Drive customized as the colorful pony, complete with her prism-spectrum mane, lightning-cloud cutie mark, and undeniable charisma. If you're lucky, Rainbow Dash will soon make a journey from Rock Father HQ to your house.

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I'm not sure who (if anyone) was actually "fooled" by this, but as I finally catch up on emails here at Rock Father HQ, I thought it was pretty cool that the folks at ThinkGeek actually put out a legit press release for one of their notoriously-awesome April Fools jokes. It's become a running tradition over there for an assortment of fake products to arrive on April 1 each year (some have even become real), and 2013 is no exception. Personally, the STAR WARS Death Star Trench Toss is my favorite, but the PLAY-DOH 3D Printer got the full PR treatment.

When TRANSFORMERS PRIME returned to The Hub for it's third season last week, The Autobots were slapped with the return of an evil force that was brought back from extinction thanks to Shockwave's tinkering in his Decepticon Lab. There, in very JURASSIC PARK fashion, Shockwave used fossilized CNA (Transformers' DNA) to clone one of the great Cybertonian Beasts that once ruled the metallic landscape of the Transformers' home planet. The mighty PREDAKING was quickly sent by his new masters to hunt down and destroy any Autobot that should cross his path. As a kid that grew up on the G1 TRANSFORMERS of the 1980s, I love exposing my little ones to the world of things that are "More Than Meets the Eye," so I was thrilled when the folks from HASBRO had one of their new "Voyager Class" Predaking figures delivered to Rock Father HQ.

TRANSFORMERS PRIME is getting some new blood for Season Three, with TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS set for it's premiere March 22 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT on The Hub. With a new season comes new toys from Hasbro, and The Rock Father has your chance to score one of the new "Voyager Class" figures.

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There was this issue about a week and a half ago... you might've heard about it here on The Rock Father, or on The Good Men Project... or on The Huffington Post... or even from Willie Geist over at The Today Show. It was a problem with a tweet, and if it hadn't been for The Onion having a twitter problem of their own just a few days prior, the folks at PLAYSKOOL might've found themselves the "bigger" twitter scandal of the week. But as I said before, it really wasn't that big a deal.

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