Jedi vs. Sith. Empire vs. Rebels. Hasbro vs. Mattel. Polar opposites in some cases, fierce rivals in others. For the latter two, they're more alike than different, a pair of the most recognizable toymakers in the galaxy. While their competition is heated, for the first time in forever they're both bound by something greater than them both... a license known as STAR WARS. While Hasbro continues the lineage started with Kenner in bringing forth 3 ¾-scale STAR WARS action figures (among many other things), this past year has seen STAR WARS married to Mattel's iconic Hot Wheels line through a series of Character Cars, retailer exclusives and playsets. Bottom line: It's a great time to love STAR WARS, and as Disney and Lucasfilm ready the release of J.J. Abrams' THE FORCE AWAKENS for this December, there's some cool new toys that are slowly making their way into retailers. To have a little unofficial celebration of The Force here at Rock Father HQ, I've decided to offer-up a little something special - a Galactic Prize Pack featuring a pair of STAR WARS Hot Wheels Character Cars from Mattel, and a sought-after STAR WARS REBELS action figure from Hasbro's Saga Legends assortment. Will The Force be with YOU?

When it comes to radio-controlled vehicles, 2015 is already off to an exciting start with the arrival of the HOT WHEELS R/C High Jump Frenzy vehicle from Toy State. The latest entry into Toy State's growing Hot Wheels line (produced under license from Mattel) actually hit the streets just before Christmas last year, but it's taken a little time to get back up-to-speed here in our state-of-the-art Toy Testing Facility at Rock Father HQ  (our house) to present an accurate review.

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Every so often, beyond the normal realm of traditional vehicles, Mattel releases a fresh batch of Hot Wheels "Character Cars" - concept vehicles inspired by a pop culture franchise. In the past, the Character Cars series has seen MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, TOY STORY 3, THE MUPPETS, and even SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS get the Hot Wheels treatment - but right now the two big lines are based on STAR WARS (two of which I showcased here) and MARVEL Comics. From the MARVEL assortment comes the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Rocket Raccoon car, featured in a #Toyography post on my social networks last week, and one that I've decided to share here on the site with a little more detail. First, the original photo...

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Hot Wheels Holiday Hot Rods - 2014

'Issued as a Walmart Exclusive in the United States for the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season, the Hot Wheels Holiday Hot Rods were a series of eight diecast vehicles produced by Mattel in limited quantities. Sold for an original retail price of just $0.97 each, the Holiday Hot Rods carried on the tradition of previous years, each with custom card artwork featuring a Hot Rod Santa Claus taking a turn on a Christmas-themed speedway, giving a "thumbs-up" as he throws the car into the curve.

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Note: An earlier version of this story originally appeared on General Motors' Fastlane site.

For centuries, the Legend of Santa Claus has evolved. From Saint Nicholas to Kris Kringle, Father Christmas to simply, Santa - this mysterious giver has taken many forms, appearing throughout the world under countless names to delight and inspire families by doing for others each and every holiday season.

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While it's not uncommon for multiple companies to hold a license for products at the same time, it's less common for multiple companies in the same industry to hold the rights to make what is essentially the same product. One of those rare occasions is on the pegs right now as the Dodge news van from the Will Ferrell classic ANCHORMAN has been produced by both Mattel (as part of their Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line) and Greenlight Collectibles (as part of Greenlight Hollywood). While both have their merits, it's interesting to see how vastly different two design teams can take the same thing. So which one wins in this diecast battle? Take a look...

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