As the father of a 2½-year-old that loves watching Sprout, the adventures of THOMAS AND FRIENDS are viewed on a pretty frequent basis. I've become familiar with the differences in animation and narration between seasons, the characters, the overall time-frame, and the curiously-changing geography of the Island of Sodor. Having viewed the series at length, I've also formulated some pretty strong opinions about it and the underlying meanings of certain things. I use these opinions in a possibly humorous (to me) and largely sarcastic manner. Tonight, those opinions got me blocked from posting on the official Thomas and Friends facebook page. Yes - The Rock Father™ has been banned from Sodor.

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hitLogoMy daughter loves most of the shows put out by UK-based HIT Entertainment, and currently aired here in the U.S. on SPROUT. There's FIREMAN SAM, BOB THE BUILDER, ANGELINA BALLERINA, BARNEY, and the big-money machine - THOMAS & FRIENDS. Today comes news that toymaker MATTEL has purchased HIT Entertainment for $680M (less than it was going for) rescuing the company from a vast amount of debt (and probably mis-management).

Published in James' Journal
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