31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS - Day 16: Back in August, as I sat in the back of a theatre watching TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (review here), a little bit of familiarity hit me from a weird place - some artifacts in the office of the man who would become THE SHREDDER. One mural depicting an ancient army really grabbed me as being akin to the work of Gregory Hill (told ya he multi-tasked), and for good reason: turns out, Greg worked on TMNT. And the art of the Far East? Yes, that played heavily into the development of DWTS, right down to a depiction of our Abaddon (more on him here) emerging in books from the distant past...

NETFLIXOn January 1, 2015, NETFLIX is bringing you some FRIENDS. That's right, all ten seasons of the hit NBC series will be available for streaming right off the bat. I remember the primitive days, where I had to buy these bulky, DVD Box Sets of FRIENDS for my wife, who was a huge fan and couldn't deal with just the constant television reruns. Alas, instant commercial-free streaming is a glorious thing. This morning, Netflix made it all official with a special music video featuring Gunther and The Rembrandts, filmed live at the Central Perk pop-up store in NYC. Check it out...

When I bestowed a perfect 5/5 rating upon DEMON HUNTER's phenomenal new record, EXTREMIST back in March, I pegged the album's closer as a potential new addition to my seasonal playlist for Fall - deeming "Heart of a Graveyard" a "poppy, yet spooky surprise." For Day 15 of 31 Days of Halloween, I'm making good on that, highlighting a song that probably wasn't written with the sinister season in mind, but one that just fits so well. Stream "Heart of a Graveyard" below, and be sure to grab EXTREMIST(Amazon | iTunes) - out now on Solid State Records. 

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31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS: The Fourth Book?

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31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS - Day 15: The intention with the DWTS prequel comic book series was to have a seamless transition between the fourth book of the series (numbered as #3, since we started on a zero issue marked #0) and the start of the first film. Timing and continuity were a concern, right down to the hair of Michael Labou growing throughout. When we first meet him in the comics, he's fairly clean-cut - but by book four, his hair is getting longer and his inner rocker is starting to emerge. While the fourth book was not completed, the cover art was. Here it is...

31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS - Day 14: One of the strangest aspects of the DWTS project was the near-immediate acceptance by both interested fans, and the folks within genre media circles. Some gas got poured onto that fire when we'd started working with actor/musician Christian Kane, who had a connection to the supernatural stuff in his past... a little series called ANGEL, which was a spin-off of Joss Whedon's massive hit, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Funny thing is (and I'm not sure I've ever even mentioned this online), but while that fandom really, really embraced us - neither Ben nor myself were really into that world. In fact, I've still only seen maybe two episodes in their entirety. That said, being featured in not one - but two issues of Titan Magazines' "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER featuring ANGEL" magazine was pretty damn cool, and through that association, we met some GREAT people, and made some great friends, many of which we still speak with today.

Comedy Dynamics will release Dr. Katz Live via digital audio on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital retailers on October 21st.

Fans of Squigglevision rejoice- the doctor is back in! Dr. Katz Live, is a stage performance (recorded in January of 2008) of the Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist animated sitcom. The show was staged with the amazing original cast that included Laura Silverman as his bored receptionist and Jon Benjamin as his son, Ben. BJ Novak, Eugene Mirman, and Andy Kindler appear as the guest star patients, and show co-creator Tom Snyder shows up as Dr. Katz’ personal therapist. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist was a wildly successful, innovative, and hilarious show on Comedy Central that ran for six seasons and popularized the Squigglevision animation style. In it, Jonathan Katz performed as the therapist to a host of big name comics coming to terms with their neuroses.

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