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THE ROCK FATHERRock Father vs. Rock Father – For the past ten weeks, James Zahn and Tom George (read the kick-off story here) have been engaged in the early stage of a year-long journey to not only lose weight, but get fit. These two Work-at-Home Dads had let time and their jobs take their toll on their personal well-being. For each week of the journey, we’ll find out how their efforts are paying off. This afternoon, Sunday, March 9, 2014, both men did their weigh-in… and these are the results.


Starting Weight: 328.4 | Last Week: 313.2 | Current Weight: 313

About Week 10, James states: “Nearly flat again – technically, .02 pounds lost this week – so a victory. The REALLY GOOD NEWS this week is that I got all the results back from the labs I had done two weeks ago. Eating right changes A LOT. While my weight loss hasn’t been massive, I’m off blood pressure meds (normal!), cholesterol, testosterone, everything – right where it should be. I’m a little surprised, but really happy to be heading in a good direction.”

week10tomTOM GEORGE of FiXT Publicity

Starting Weight: 396.4 | Last Week: 372.6 | Current Weight: 368.8

About Week 10, Tom states: “This week was a much needed wake up call…

“The results on the scale this week were good, but more because of my diet. I stuck to low sodium foods mostly this week. I still didn’t exercise enough. I need to get back into exercising daily. I’m hoping this is the week where I cross the 30 pounds lost mark.”
So far, we’re tracking a 16 pound loss by James, and a 27.6 pound loss by Tom.

Stay tuned!

And since this is a challenge, how about CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS?


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