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2014 Rock Father Fitness Challenge: Week 6 Results

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THE ROCK FATHERRock Father vs. Rock Father – For the past six weeks, James Zahn and Tom George (read the kick-off story here) have been engaged in the early stage of a year-long journey to not only lose weight, but get fit. These two Work-at-Home Dads had let time and their jobs take their toll on their personal well-being. Now, nearly four weeks into their journey, we’ll find out how their efforts are paying off. This afternoon, Sunday, February 9, 2014, both men did their weigh-in… and these are the results.


Starting Weight: 328.4 | Last Week: 318 | Current Weight: 315

About Week 6, James states: “Three pounds down after my rebound last week, so the course is steady and folks tell me that this is a ‘healthy’ amount of weight loss. Down 15 pounds since I started tracking, but 13 pounds for the ‘official’ challenge – and I’m pleased with it. This week I ran into a situation where we had company, and I also took my wife out for a date night at Hofbrauhaus… so let’s just say I didn’t count calories that night (couldn’t even find nutrition info for that fine German food). This week should be really interesting, as I’m on the road. Stay tuned!”

week6tomTOM GEORGE of FiXT Publicity

Starting Weight: 396.4 | Last Week: 376.6 | Current Weight: 373

About Week 6, Tom states: “This week I learned all about the effect that Sodium has on your weight. I ate 2,300mg of Sodium or less Monday-Thursday (after the Super Bowl). My weight went from 380.6 on Monday morning to 371.8 (nearly 9 pounds) on Thursday morning?! I then ate fairly regular meals on Friday and Saturday. My weight shot right back up due to increased Sodium intake (I was still limiting my calories). I ended up at 373 for my weigh in this week which is still a 3.6 pound loss though had I stuck to the clean low sodium plan, I would likely be a few pounds less. I also learned that if you eat a lot of sodium it takes about 2 days for your body to get back to normal weightwise. You live and learn!”

So far, we’re tracking a 13 pound loss by James, and a 23.4 pound loss by Tom.

Stay tuned!

And now… MR. BUNGLE’s 1999 album, CALIFORNIA (which just feels appropriate):


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