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With so many 20th Anniversary Editions of albums that were released in 1991 hitting the marketplace, it’s important to remember that there were some great albums released that year that will never be celebrated or get their due. While it was an influential year for music and a monumental year for rock,  it was also a year that brought us several albums that were real stinkers… but people loved ’em.

Here’s a quick look at five terrible albums that are celebrating their 20th Anniversaries this year… five that you probably hoped to forget at one time or another. I know I did.

Gerardo Mo Ritmo album artGERARDO – MO’ RITMO January, 1991

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The album that introduced the bandanna-wearing singer Gerardo Mejia (also an actor from COLORS and CAN’T BUY ME LOVE) to listeners with the hit single Rico Suave. It is notable for being the very first album to be released through Interscope Records.

220px-MCMXC aD Enigma coverENIGMA – MCMXC a.D. February, 1991

The album that spawned Sadeness (Part 1) was a massive hit. It was one of the most overplayed, boring, and repetitive releases of the year. It also ushered in the whole movement of Gregorian Chants. Fuckers.

Crystal Waters SurpriseCRYSTAL WATERS – SURPRISE March, 1991

It spawned the song Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) aka Gypsy Woman (La da dee la da da), a song that still gets play – and has recently been heard covered by several acts on a global scale. Once again, a huge hit, the accompanying video was so mesmerizingly terrible I’ve been forced to include it with this article just to prove a point. Ms. Waters just appears so serious about the song, but the dancing is just so bad. And by the time she gets to the “la da da” she sounds like a drunk slurring her words.

220px-C.M.BCOLOR ME BADD – C.M.D. September, 1991

If you rocked some Z. Cavaricci pants along with an I.O.U. Sweatshirt back in ’91, then you probably thought these guys were the most fashionable lads you’d ever see.I Wanna Sex You Up was the song that put them on the map, and while they sold millions of records, they were out of style just like those Z. Cavaricci’s pretty damn quick. Don’t forget, if not for CMB, we’d never have gotten a Dick In a Box! Check out these guys trying to rock up their song on ARSENIO…



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