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3 Delicious Fall Beers (That Don’t Taste Like Pumpkin)

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Sometimes, you just need the perfect beer to enjoy on a crisp fall night. If you choose your drinks based on the time of year, you’re not alone; eighty-four percent of craft beer drinkers like to choose their beer depending on the season. Of course, not everyone likes every type of fall beer, specifically when it comes to pumpkin beers. Most people fall into one of two camps with pumpkin beer: love it, or hate it. For those of us in the latter group, here are three other types of beers to try this fall.

Red Ales

Red ales not only match the colors of the season with their gorgeous ruby hue; their palettes blend perfectly with the chilly weather. These beers typically land on the maltier side, with hops varying depending on the brewer. Sometimes, red ales will also be called amber ales or American amber, so be on the lookout for any of these names.

Marzenbiers and Oktoberfest

No list of fall beers would be complete without at least mentioning Oktoberfest beers. These beers typically have a full-bodied flavor and a dark copper color, though this can vary depending on the brew. While many will have a distinct note of toasted malts, they never quite reach “sweet,” making them a great option for drinking throughout a longer fest. If it doesn’t have Oktoberfest in the name, look for a Marzenbier; they’re more or less the same thing by a different title.

Extra Special Bitters

ESBs, or extra special bitters, are the perfect choice for any hops fan. Despite what the name might imply, these beers aren’t overly bitter, but those who don’t necessarily like IPAs or similar tasting beers might want to stay away. These balanced beers can pack a bit of a punch as well, typically having a higher ABV, so make sure to pace yourself with these complex brews.

Even if you’re not a fan of pumpkin ales, there are still plenty of great fall beer options for you to try before the end of the season. Try a new brew next time you go out for a drink; you might just find your new favorite fall beer in one of these beer types.

Ed Note: James Zahn, The Rock Father™, is a massive fan of all-things pumpkin, including pumpkin beer. Everyone should respect the power of the pumpkin and the greatness of the gourd!

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