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3 Of The Most Popular Home Renovations & 3 Of The Weirdest Renovation Discoveries

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According to Houzz, approximately 58% of homeowners completed some form of a home renovation project in 2017. Approximately 40% of homes are over 50 years old, so it makes sense that repairs and updates need to get done. Whether you’re one of the 90% of Americans who prefer to be surrounded by green lawns or a foodie wanting to upgrade your kitchen, you’re bound to have an interesting time renovating your home. Plus, your house will become even more valuable should you choose to sell it in the future.

Home renovations typically come with unexpected challenges and you’d be amazed at what you might find in the process. Many homeowners have reported coming across some highly unusual things both good and bad while tearing up walls and floors for their remodeling projects. Here are the three most popular home renovations as well as three of the weirdest renovation discoveries.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens are one of the most popular renovations for homeowners. This is mainly because it helps to boost the overall value of the home when it comes time to sell. The kitchen renovations that provide the most value are installing crown molding and lights as well as painting cabinets and walls. Renovating a kitchen can be the most expensive home project that can range anywhere from $22,000 to $131,000, depending on the work that you want to be done. But you may end up coming across some treasure to help pay for those new appliances, cabinets, and countertops you are trying to replace.

A couple in Arizona once came across a mysterious code in a cabinet and a safe underneath the floor while they were renovating their kitchen. Using the code, they opened the safe to discover a 1960 bottle of Bourbon and over $50,000 in cash. It also contained a book with certain letters circled, a bingo card with 3 numbers circled on it, and a map with a giant “X” over the city of Mesa. The couple believes these are clues leading to a treasure trove worth millions in gold and jewels rumored to be buried by art dealer Forest Fenn. Fenn is still alive and estimates that approximately 30,000 people have tried to find his treasure and failed.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are another top priority for homeowners when it comes to renovations. Costs can range anywhere from $20,000 to $64,000. Many homeowners opt to install an additional bathroom to make things more convenient for a larger family. Some older owners want to renovate in order to switch out their bathtubs that are difficult to get in and out of for more user-friendly walk-in showers. Some couples may want to install double sinks to make getting ready in the morning more convenient.

Renovating a bathroom can be highly stressful with tub, shower, and toilet installations and plumbing issues. Many owners opt to not do the repairs themselves but hire a contractor instead. Hiring a contractor is ideal to help avoid amateur repair mistakes that can be quite costly later on. A contractor may be more expensive upfront, but worth it if you don’t want to fix issues that pop up because you didn’t know what you were doing in the first place.

One couple got a laugh when a contractor they hired uncovered photos and messages left by previous homeowners while renovating their bathroom. The contractor texted these messages and photos to the couple. One message, in particular, had them breaking out immediately in laughter. It read, “If you’re reading this, that means you’re remodeling the bathroom again. What’s wrong with the way we did it?”

Outdoor/Landscaping Renovations

Homeowners are encouraged by 90% of realtors to invest in landscaping improvements before trying to sell their homes. The most popular outdoor home projects include outdoor decking, gardens, new doors, and siding installation. The average spent by homeowners on landscaping projects in 2018 was around $500 and is expected to greatly increase this year. Depending on what kind of work you want done, outdoor renovations can cost up to $16,000.

Enhancing your curb appeal can greatly increase your home’s overall value. Ideally, you should plan to invest approximately 10% of your home’s value in landscaping updates. If you can’t afford that much, you can still add value by adding colorful flowers and shrubs and making your lawn as green as possible. Whatever you can do to make the outside of your home more beautiful will attract potential buyers when it comes time to sell your home in the future.

Many kids love playing with Hot Wheels, but few would expect to get a chance to uncover a real life-size one. While digging in a back LA garden in 1978, they found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari that was initially thought to be buried by thieves in an insurance scam four years earlier. The car’s origin was traced back to a birthday gift purchased by a plumber for his wife that was reportedly stolen by valets while having dinner at the Brown Derby restaurant. The car has been currently reconditioned with vanity plates that read “DUGUP” and its whereabouts are unknown.

No matter what home renovation project you undertake, it’s bound to be full of surprises. You never know what you might find. The results for homeowners have ranged from downright comical to absolutely terrifying. Quite a few people have found items ranging from old bottles to human remains. Others have found cash, love letters, and even old toys left behind.

Instead of thinking of your next project as a dreadful chore, look at it as a chance to go on a thrilling treasure hunt. Happy hunting and renovating!

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