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Halloween 201431 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS: Day 4 – By the time 2008 rolled around, Ben and I were clear of the film deal and on our way to pursuing the comic book prequel on our own. Truth told, this wasn’t actually the first time a DWTS comic had been in development. In the early stages of the film project, one of the “producers” paired us with another writer who was equally unknown to develop a prequel as well – then paired that with an art team that Ben and I didn’t really have anything to do with. I’m not even 100% certain how that all unfolded, but no real comic book action happened until we took the reigns and made it so. Pictured below are five of the initial character concepts for Michael Labou, Danielle Dante and Malcolm McDermott (Dominick Savini is pictured above). Those who have read the comics will note the differences are pretty drastic, but some of the elements were retained as the evolved. More on that later…

Michael Labou

Danielle Dante

Danielle Dante


Dominick Savini

About “31 Days of Death Walks the Streets”:

DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (DWTS) is a genre-bending transmedia entertainment property created by James Zahn in 2004… long before becoming “The Rock Father.” In celebration of it’s 10th Anniversary and the Halloween Season, 31 DAYS OF DEATH WALKS THE STREETS is a spin-off of the annual “31 Days of Halloween” feature, presenting an inside look at some materials from the comic book series and the intended DWTS film series.

Stay tuned…

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