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31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS: Set Designs for the First DWTS Film…

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Halloween 201431 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS: Day 2 – A lot of people don’t realize how far into things we really were in the days when DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (DWTS) was one of the most buzzed-about projects lighting up the ‘net. As the screenplay for the first in a series of three planned films was completed in 2004, there were things evolving as the other scripts were being worked on and development and pre-production was underway. Depending on what we were being told at the time, filming was always supposed to be taking place “soon,” with dates and locations constantly being pushed for one reason or another. Much of the intended look of the films was coming from Gregory Hill (IMDB | Official Site), a fantastic artist from the east coast who was then-known particularly for his art department work on NBC’s LAW & ORDER series’, along with feature stints including NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Greg was instrumental in designing everything from logos and costuming to key art, storyboards and sets. The images below represent pre-build concepts from 2006-2007. Since that time, Greg has been extremely busy, working on recent films such as TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. Should the elements ever properly align in the future, I’d love to call Mr. Hill back into action.





About “31 Days of Death Walks the Streets”:

DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (DWTS) is a genre-bending transmedia entertainment property created by James Zahn in 2004… long before becoming “The Rock Father.” In celebration of it’s 10th Anniversary and the Halloween Season, 31 DAYS OF DEATH WALKS THE STREETS is a spin-off of the annual “31 Days of Halloween” feature, presenting an inside look at some materials from the comic book series and the intended DWTS film series.

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