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31 Days of Halloween: Caillou’s Halloween Adventures

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With Caillou being my oldest daughter’s favorite television show, the holiday episodes are always looked forward to. We have a few on DVD, though for some reason the available episodes of the series are sporadic and often duplicated between DVD volumes. In the meantime, many episodes are seemingly unavailable, and that means that several Halloween installments are AWOL unless you happen to catch them on PBS Kids or on Sprout. While I imagine those channels will start airing some Halloween Caillou goodness in the days ahead, there are some great options to enjoy at all times. 

cailloupumpkinOn the CAILLOU’S HOLIDAYS DVD (also available as a part of the Holiday Favorites Box Set), Halloween is well-represented alongside episodes featuring Thanksgiving and Christmas. Caillou’s trip to the pumpkin patch is always a highlight as my daughter relates it to our visits to local pumpkin patches, and the fact that we also grow our own pumpkins here at Rock Father HQ. Add in some of the fabled “puppet” sequences (seen on certain Caillou airings) and a live-action musical number called “Boo!”, and the spooky fun is powerfully captivating for the toddler set. 

IMG 0046One episode that we haven’t been able to locate on DVD (although we’ve seen it on TV) features Caillou, Leo, and Clementine hitting the neighborhood for some trick-or-treating. The same tale is available in book form as CAILLOU DRESSES UP, and it’s a year-round favorite for my little one as included in the six-book MY STORYTIME  BOX.  The illustrations are taken directly from the television episode, making the book instantly familiar. Some readers might be able to spot a recently-reissued version retitled CAILLOU: HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Same book with a slightly altered cover.

There’s other Fall adventures out there (an episode with Caillou as a “Blue Monster”; a trip to the Apple Orchard; possibly more…), but until they’re all compiled into a definitive Fall Collection, these are some fun stories to start with.

Is Caillou big in your house? Sound off below…

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