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The Classic Ouija Board. It doesn’t matter if you think of it as “Wee-Ja” or “Wee-Gee” (I prefer the latter), the classic board game is capable of conjuring some pretty strong feelings and emotions… depending on who you talk to. While versions of the William Fuld-stamped board have been around for over a century, it’s the CLASSIC OUIJA Board that is most-often thought of, though many don’t realize that it hasn’t exactly been easy to come by in recent years. For Day 24 of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, I’m featuring the Classic Ouija Board – brought back to life by Winning Moves Games under license from Hasbro. Yes, the true classic based on the famous Parker Brothers board is available once more, and they sent one to Rock Father HQ for some spooky fun…


No, that picture is not from the 1970s – it was taken here at Rock Father HQ this week.

When you open the box in which Classic Ouija is contained, there are only two things: a sturdy, wooden board (as it was, and as it should be) and the oracle itself. What’s incredible is when your four-year-old, who has never seen a Ouija Board previously, proudly announces, “I’ll teach you how to play this game, Daddy.”

She placed her hands and mine upon the plastic oracle, at which time I asked, “How do you know this?” She looks at me and states very matter-of-fact, “They show it right on the front of the box.” And she’s right.


Whether you’re asking a harmless question, or trying to connect with the spirit world, the box itself speaks volumes with a simple phrase: “OUIJA–It’s only a game–isn’t it?”

I still remember playing with one of these in the basement of St. Paul’s Church in Monee, Illinois in 1989. Something Someone made it tell us that The Devil was in the room.

The Classic Ouija Board is available from Winning Moves Games’ official website.

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