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My love for the General Mills Monster Cereals is well-documented. This year, I may have even taken credit for their return to retro-style packaging at Target (I didn’t, but I have requested this each Fall since 2008, and in 2013 it actually happened), and while it’s been a joy to introduce my children to Daddy’s love of COUNT CHOCULA, BOO BERRY, FRANKEN BERRY, FRUTE BRUTE, and FRUITY YUMMY MUMMY, this year I went beyond simply eating the cereal dry. Having not had a glass of milk since 1989, I returned to eating cereal proper with Silk Pure Almond Original Almondmilk… and the kids and I turned our Monster Cereals into some tasty treats – one of which is a quick-and-easy snack to make for your Halloween parties this week: General Mills’ Monster Cereal Munch! 


With just 1 bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate baking chips, 8 cups of assorted monster cereals (we used all five Monstrous “friends”), 1 tablespoon of Crisco vegetable oil, and a half cup of halloween sprinkles, we had a batch of delicious Monster Cereal Munch in less than 40 minutes. Check out the full recipe on to make some for yourself.

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Completed munch…


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