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31 Days of Halloween – Killer Kickstarter: Tote-Ems Plush Toy Monsters


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For today’s entry into 31 Days of Halloween 2014, we have something different – something not intended to be today’s entry. In fact, TOTE-EMS MONSTER PLUSH came from out of the shadows and onto my radar via one of the darkest, most sinister places on the internet: Kickstarter. Now, I don’t cover a lot of crowdfunding projects anymore (please, read this before submitting), but once in a rare while, something strikes me… or in this case, sinks its fangs in like a vampire’s bite. It’s a project perfectly-launched in time for Halloween, and one with a ton of potential. Toy designer David Murphy (a 15-year pro who’s worked on a ton of Disney licenses including a little property called FROZEN) has created over 100 characters for his Tote-ems line, complete with full backstories for each. These little creatures have stretchy arms, a snapping function, and are ready to go wherever kids are. Watch the video below and let David give you the full scoop…

More than just Monsters, he’s got Pirates, Ninjas, Vikings, Robots, 50’s-style “Atomic Undead” Zombies, Luchadores, Mythical Creatures, Egyptian Warriors, “Princesses of the Galaxy,” “The Cavalcade of Curious Cut-Throats,” Gangsters and concepts for the potential of licensed collections. This could be the next big collectible.


David needs $35K to get the first wave of six characters out of prototype stage and into production. For as little as $15 (you’re essentially just pre-ordering), you can get on the list for the Tote-Ems Wave One character of your choice. Bigger donations equal bigger spoils, including the potential to score tin lunchboxes, messenger bags and more.


 Dig what you see and want to get in on that monster action? Check out the Tote-Ems Kickstarter and get involved.

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