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31 Days of Halloween: Kuma’s GHOST Burger (a spooky treat for Chicagoans to eat)

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If you ever browse the off-the-mainpage “For Grownups” section of The Rock Father, you might’ve already seen me proclaim my allegiance for Sweden’s GHOST (now known in the U.S. as “GHOST B.C.” for “legal reasons) in recent months. They’re hardly what I’d call “family friendly,” which is why they’d normally not be featured right here on the mainpage… but we’re in the midst of the Halloween season, and certain bands just fit right in. GHOST is one of them, and today they land at Day 6 on The Rock Father’s 31 Days of Halloween 2013… not for their music, but for their hamburger. A spooky treat for Chicagoans to eat?

ghostburger2Offered as the October “Burger of the Month” at their original metal-and-meat Kuma’s Corner location in Chicago, Kuma’s “The Ghost” pays tribute to the band while presenting a perfectly blasphemous burger to residents of The Windy City just as the cool Fall breeze sets in, and the barrier between the physical and spiritual world gets a little bit thinner as we move toward Halloween… if you believe that sort of thing.

The Ghost burger includes:

  • 10 oz. patty
  • Slow-braised goat shoulder
  • Aged white cheddar
  • Ghost chile aioli
  • Red wine reduction
  • Communion wafer garnish

Listen to GHOST’s “Year Zero” –


Now, I do have to add here that I am aware that Kuma’s The Ghost has been the subject of some heated media attention in recent days, mostly from those who don’t seem to get it. Kuma’s makes burgers based on heavy metal bands, and in fact, I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to make it down there last Sunday for their special, one-day-only BROKEN HOPE burger that was presented to tie-into the release of the new BROKEN HOPE album, OMEN OF DISEASE (available now on iTunes). A brutal burger for a brutal band one night… a blasphemous burger for a blasphemous band the next. At the end of the day, it’s all entertainment. Delicious entertainment. And just remember, the SLAYER Burger is offered at Kuma’s on a regular basis \m/ \m/

Need to eat The Ghost? Head over to Kuma’s Corner, 2900 W. Belmont Avenue in Chicago to get yours before Halloween.

For more Halloween Goodness, check out http://www.therockfather.com/halloween

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