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31 Days of Halloween: Music Video – “Halloween Every Night” by MISTA COOKIE JAR…

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I’ve gotta say, 2014 has been pretty light on the new music for Halloween… but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few worthy new additions to your 2014 Halloween Music Playlist! One such entry comes courtesy of the ever-busy and ever-awesome MISTA COOKIE JAR AND THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS, presenting a surf-tastic little number that manages to recall THE MUNSTERS, while serving up a colorful little animated video to go along with it. “Halloween Every Night” should be your jam right now, and it easily slides in here for 31 Days of Halloween on THE ROCK FATHER. Check out the video below…

To get in the mood we’re watching spooky movies. Werewolves going gaga super duper goonie looney lupine. Frankenstein. Frankenweenie. Corpse Bride. Hotel Transylvania. Monster House. Coralline. Decorating the hallways with boughs of cobwebs. “Boo boo boo boo boo!” What the ghost say. So cray. Double cray. Cray cluster. Who you gonna call? Better call Ghostbusters!
From “Halloween Every Night”

Dig the song? Download it now on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

For more spooktacular Halloween goodness throughout October, keep checking THE ROCK FATHER for daily entries into 31 Days of Halloween 2014!

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