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75 Years ago, “The Panic Broadcast” took place. It was then that a 23-year-old ORSON WELLES performed THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, a radio drama broadcast as part of THE MERCURY THEATRE ON AIR. Based on H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel of the same name, Welles and his crew managed to cause panic across America as unknowing listeners began to believe that aliens had really descended upon the small town of Grovers Mill, New Jersey. For Day 29 of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, I’m featuring PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: WAR OF THE WORLDS, which premieres tonight on PBS. Check out a preview below…


I’ve been a huge fan of WAR OF THE WORLDS since my childhood, first becoming enthralled by the 1953 film, and later finding the original broadcast on cassette at my local library. I’d later become a huge fan of the late-80s syndicated television show, and oddly enough – would find out that I bore a physical resemblance to Orson Welles in my early adult life. I ended up playing the legendary personality in a not-so-good short film called BEING ORSON. Weird how things work out.

For more on the PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, check out

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