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5 Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the Whole Family


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Valentine’s Day can mean a romantic meal with a special someone, but it can also be a family affair. After all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be strictly for romance; share the love with your whole family by finding family-friendly Valentine’s Day activities.

If you’re searching for something to do on Valentine’s Day with the whole family, you can try revisiting some of the classics, but with a twist. You can also make some new traditions of your own.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t feel confined by the staples of the holiday. Valentine’s Day can celebrate all types of love, including paternal, so figure out what’s right for you and your family. Here are six ideas to help get you started.

1. Go Out for a Healthy Meal

What’s more classic than a candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day? While this is a nice idea for a couple, this classic is long overdue for a modern makeover that the whole family will love.

Choose a restaurant that is more appropriate for your whole family. Skip the babysitter and have your children join you for a special meal together. You can even let your kiddos choose the restaurant for a special twist, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

Better yet, find something healthy. It’s recommended that we consume at least five servings of vegetables each day for a healthy diet. This might seem like a lot, but we Americans consume more than 10 billion bowls of soup a year. Find something different and don’t be afraid to test out something new or fun. Going to a restaurant you might have never considered before can be a fun and novel experience for your whole family. You might even find something new to love.

2. Travel Somewhere Near in Your City or Town

See your city or town with fresh eyes! While most people think that traveling is only special when they leave their state, trying out a museum, restaurant, or other local attraction that you’ve overlooked could reveal hidden gems right under your nose. A lot of these places will be appropriate for your whole family. See if your community center has pooled together special events for the holiday. For example, Oakland, CA puts a local activity sheet together for many holidays, most of which are family-friendly. It just goes to show that you don’t have to travel by helicopter to go somewhere new.

Re-experiencing the place where you live can make you see your town or city in a new light. It might not sound like the most romantic activity, but it can be a great way to connect with your family and feel more love for where you live. Plus, you might learn about a whole other side of your city or town that you never even knew about! For instance, did you know that Washington D.C. is actually the third best city for technology? You never know what might be hiding in plain sight.

3. Get Crafty for a One-of-a-Kind Gift

For something more personal, try out some crafts. Crafts can be a great activity for your whole family since these can adorn your home or be used as gifts for your friends and neighbors.

You can do it right at home with things you already own. Go through old photos together, create a box of memories, or even build a goals board for your family to share and update over time.

Create a new family tradition by coming up with a craft you can all work on together.

4. Ask Your Kids

Don’t put the entire burden for planning Valentine’s Day on you and your spouse. Ask your kids what they’re interested in!

Even if your children are young, they may have ideas about what would make the day special for them. Maybe it’s something ordinary; maybe it’s something the family used to do but hasn’t in a while. Maybe it’s something you’ve completely forgotten about.

Whatever the case, giving your kids a chance to speak can make them feel like the day is extra special simply because they got to help make it that way.

5. Set Up a Play Date

You don’t need to restrict your Valentine’s Day to just your own family. If you have close friends with children of similar ages, why not invite them over for a play date? This can give the parents time to talk and catch-up while the children can partake in some of the activities above with their friends. In fact, you can all go to a local attraction, eat a healthy meal together, or make some crafts.

Make new memories with not just your own family, but also your friends. Loving your friends is just as important as loving your family!

Make Your Own Traditions

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for red roses and romance. More and more, the day has started to include all expressions of love, including familial. Get creative and you may just find some new traditions that work for your entire family.

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