The summer season is upon us. Unfortunately, the season marks AAA’s 100 deadliest days for drivers. Fortunately, you can keep yourself and your family safe on the road this season. Read the tips below for more insight.

1. Set Up a Dashboard Camera

Adding a dashboard camera is great for car security and personal safety. A dashboard camera can provide an extra set of eyes, especially when you’re in a parking lot. Motorists spend as much as 17 hours a year searching for parking spots, and a dash cam can make it easier for you to back out or pull in without hitting the car behind or in front of you. You can also be sure, in the event that someone else runs into you, you have video proof for your insurance company.

2. Avoid Drinking If You Plan to Drive

When you hang out with friends and family this summer, there will be plenty of opportunities for drinks and food. However, if you’re driving a car, you should be mindful of your alcohol consumption. More than 17,000 people die annually due to drunk driving. These collisions can easily be avoided by using a designated driver, carpooling to events, or not drinking when operating vehicles.

You also want to be sure that you’ve eaten food before you drink or else even one beverage could spike your blood-alcohol level. According to Mayo Clinic, your diet should consist of at least 10% to 35% protein intake, and Healthline recommends eating eggs, bananas, greek yogurt, or salmon if you plan to drink. Have a sober friend or family member drive if you suspect your BAL is .08% or higher.

3. Travel Earlier in the Day

There are many reasons to hit the road early in the day. The sun is less hot before noon, so if you hit the road before the sun is at its highest, you can keep cooler behind the wheel. That way the car won’t overheat, and you won’t feel like you’re driving around in an oven. Plus, when you avoid overheating your car, it’s less likely to shut down on the road. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the blazing sun in your eyes when focusing on the road.

4. Get Your Car Serviced

Before the days start heating up, it’s a good idea to get your car serviced, even if it’s functioning normally. Your local mechanic can check coolant levels, which keep your car’s radiator functioning properly. Tires may expand from the heat or suffer damage from the hot road. Check the tread to make sure you have enough traction at all times.

5. Be Aware of Large Events

Summer is the most popular time for festivals and outdoor activities. Since large events have a lot of people, that means tons of cars will be on the road and in parking lots. Keep track of your local calendar to see when music festivals, big concerts, and other events that pack up the road are coming to town. Make a note of that and do your best to stay off the road or try to travel as early as possible to beat the crowds.

Drivers should always take the best precaution whenever operating vehicles, regardless of the time of year. However, since summer is the busiest time for activity, it’s also the biggest time for accidents, according to AAA Stats. Keep yourself, passengers, and other people on the road safe by following these tips to avoid accidents.

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