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A CABBAGE PATCH CHRISTMAS – The Cabbage Patch Kids’ Christmas album!

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In 1984, Parker Brothers Music released A CABBAGE PATCH CHRISTMAS, a follow-up to their best-selling CABBAGE PATCH DREAMS. My sister and I had both of these records (on vinyl), as we both had some CABBAGE PATCH KIDS (mine in a Chicago White Sox uniform) as well. I was around 8 at the time, and here I sit almost 30 years later and those songs are still floating around in my head.

A couple of years back, my wife and I stumbled upon a copy of the Christmas album at an antique store. We bought it, but sadly the record turned out to be warped and unplayable. Now that we have a daughter of our own, we wanted to find those songs to share with her, but unfortunately, A CABBAGE PATCH CHRISTMAS has never received a proper digital release. After some digging on my own and discovering that a lot of other people have been looking for the same thing, I finally found a download of the full album courtesy of Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage – a place that preserves really obscure/weird vinyl records. You can grab the entire album and the cover art via this link as a 35MB .ZIP File.

Initially I’d suspected that either whoever owns the rights to the album now either didn’t know or didn’t care, but oddly enough – CABBAGE PATCH DREAMS is now on iTunes as of last year, albeit with a slightly different cover that looks like a recreation of the original with newer dolls.

Maybe one day A CABBAGE PATCH CHRISTMAS will get a legitimate reissue. For now, there’s the link above, so if you’ve been seeking the album – that’s where to get it. On a side note, Boomerang has been running the CABBAGE PATCH KIDS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. The little one and I just watched it, and it doesn’t really hold up. The album, though? Still gold.

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