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A STAR WARS sing-along? Watch HOT PROBLEMS’ “Party With My Friends”


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This is kind of bizarre, but my toddler loves it… and I do mean, LOVES it. HOT PROBLEMS have released a video for Party With My Friends that features some creative editing from a galaxy far, far away. Yes, the STAR WARS saga provides the backdrop for this jam. The video can be seen below along with a couple of words from the press release that landed here at Rock Father HQ this morning.


From the Official Press Release: “Hailing from a futuristic time in a galaxy not so far away, physicist Dr. Hot and his friend D.J. Problems have traveled back in time to form the PartyFunDance pop group Hot Problems. Today, they kick off an intergalactic celebration with a little help from some “Force” wielding buddies in their new video for “Party with My Friends.” 

LUDO frontman Andrew Volpe has been revealed to be the “Grandfather of Dr. Hot,” one half of the duo that also features DJ Problems.

I think a lot of people are gonna rip on this video, but as someone that was once responsible for a STAR WARS parody song, I say “phooey!” to them. Seriously. Google “Darth Vader is a Real Cool Guy!” from 2000-ish. It’s a “Conspiracy” I tell ya.

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