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Child Astronaut? Gear-up for Out-of-This-World Imaginative Play on the Space Station!


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Space-based play is a big deal here at Rock Father HQ, a fact that I’ve often mentioned both here and in my column over at The Toy Insider. Two Christmases ago, our youngest daughter had just one request for Santa Claus: “A Space Station.” While he delivered on that wish, this year an even bigger orbiting craft arrived here at HQ, and it’s something that our girls can actually climb inside of. The folks at Pacific Play Tents recently sent us their Space Station Tent and Tunnel Combo, and it’s become a regular base for out-of-this-world adventure. When paired with the “Get Real Gear” Astronaut Suits and Jr. Astronaut Helmets from our friends at Aeromax Toys (based right here in Illinois!), they’ve got the perfect accessories for endless imaginative play! Take a look at the video below. Will SpaceX be sending kids into space?

In the two months that we’ve had our Space Station Tent and Tunnel Combo, The Rock Daughters™ have used it as a “Space Movie Theater,” climbing inside to watch the 1986 classic, Space Camp, and Shout! Factory’s recent Journey to Space. It’s served as a “Rocket Ship,” “Space Shuttle,” “Space House,” and yes, the “International Space Station.” 


We’ve been fans of Pacific Play Tents for a long time, starting with one of their XXL tunnels (I can fit in it!) that Grandma bought for the girls years ago, and their tent and tunnel combos are classic. We’ve played with them at the park district and other kids’ houses, but this Space Station is just next-level cool. As the weather warms up, we’ll be using this for some backyard adventures outside as well!

Pacific Play Tents Space Station Review

When it comes to quality dress-up and role-play gear, Aeromax Toys is leading the charge. For just a little bit more than many typical “costumes,” Aeromax offers detailed and durable Astronaut Suits (and many other professions) with real embroidered patches for NASA, the Space Shuttle and more. They feel sturdy, like real clothes, and they fit great. Available in both white and orange (just like the real Shuttle crew!), the perfect accessory is the Jr. Astronaut Helmet with sound. The push-button visor pops up with realistic action, and the push-button “intercom” puts authentic space crew sounds right into the helmet.

Aeromax Nasa Astronaut Suit Review

For those who want the complete experience, Aeromax also offers Astronaut Boots, Gloves, Backpacks and Flight Jackets. 

I’m a big supporter of classic, imaginative play, and with the summer months fast-approaching, this space gear from Pacific Play Tents and Aeromax Toys is a winning combo that can be considered 100% Rock Father-approved. Durable, affordable, and available for a wide age rage of kids to enjoy (toddlers to teens).

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