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Album Review: DEICIDE — ‘Banished By Sin’



It was 10 years ago that these guys turned me onto death metal. I was in phone sales working from home, and the day was just bad. It seemed that each call was a crappy person, one after another.

Suddenly I received an e-mail from Century Media Records at 5 p.m — Deicide’s 2013 album, In the Minds of Evil, had arrived, so I hit PLAY. I figured the day couldn’t get any worse, right? Well, Deicide turned the day around and my addiction to this music kicked in —  I was hooked!

So now we have a brand-spankin’ new record in the form of Banished By Sin (out now, via RPM: Reigning Phoenix Music) and I am here to tell you … Deicide is back, and back with a fury and vengeance! One listen to “Sever the Tongue” and you’ll get it. Check out the video below!

“Faithless” continues this bludgeoning, before personal favorite “Bury the Cross…With Your Christ” wraps itself around you like a Burmese Python hell-bent on squeezing you into submission. Then “Ritual Defied” continues the attack, and hits you upside the head.

My other runaway favorite is “Failures of Your Dying Lord.” That title screamed to me before I heard a note! The record closes with “The Light Defeated” and that’s how you end things, with a banger like that.

I love this Deicide record and think with Banished By Sin the old lion has reminded everyone that it is still capable of bloodcurdling roars. Pick it up ASAP. Not scared, are ya?



[Ed. Note: I had the long-sleeve Legion T-shirt back in ’92. Great record! — JZ]

Album Details:

Source: Reigning Phoenix Music America


  1. “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall”
  2. “Doomed To Die”
  3. “Sever The Tongue”
  4. “Faithless”
  5. “Bury The Cross…With Your Christ”
  6. “Woke From God”
  7. “Ritual Defied”
  8. “Failures Of Your Dying Lord”
  9. “Banished By Sin”
  10. “Trinity Of None”
  11. “I Am I…A Curse Of Death”
  12. “The Light Defeated”

Release Date: April 26, 2024

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Damian Cousins
Damian Cousins
Damian "The Maestro" Cousins is an avowed lover of heavy metal and the band KISS. A die-hard Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Dallas Mavericks fan, you can usually find him watching games with his autistic son, Corey. He is also a 5-time Fantasy Football champion. Damian previously served as Founder and Publisher of Amps and Green Screens. He contributes music reviews to THE ROCK FATHER Magazine.

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