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Album Review: DUST BOLT — ‘Sound & Fury’


I’ve been a DUST BOLT fan for just about a decade now. I got hooked with 2014’s Awake the Riot and never looked back. Now, we’re here with the band’s latest offering, Sound & Fury — out now on AFM Records — and right away you can feel some new dimensions to the band’s sound. That is not a bad thing by any means.

Rather than a straight-up thrash attack, there is more of a groove to this album — the band’s fifth overall. Don’t fret, those thrashy moments are still there, but the band has spread its wings. Look no further than the album opener “Leave Nothing Behind” or “I Am the One” for a taste of something a little different.

Vocalist/guitarist Lenny Bruce has expanded his range, yet the familiar intensity still shows its face during “I Witness” and numbers such as “New Flame.” I dare say his voice is the strongest I’ve heard it yet.

The riffing from Bruce and fellow axeman Florian Dehn goes hard on that last song and keeps the intensity going for “Burning Pieces.” The title track is like a freight train coming through your living room while you’re watching TV, but it’s also catchy as all get out!

All in all, there is a ton of stuff to sink your teeth into — call it thrash with a twist. That’s not to say there aren’t a couple of swings and misses, and the last few tracks show just that. But at the end of the day, this is a very good addition to the DUST BOLT catalog, so turn it on and enjoy!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Burning Pieces,” “Sound & Fury,” “New Flame,” “I Witness”

Album Details:

Source: AFM Records


  1. Leave Nothing Behind
  2. I Witness
  3. I Am the One
  4. New Flame
  5. Burning Pieces
  6. Sound and Fury
  7. Love & Reality
  8. Bluedeep
  9. Disco Nnection
  10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing)
  11. Feel the Storm
  12. Little Stone


Vocals/Guitar — Lenny Bruce
Guitar — Flo Dee
Bass — Exx Tom
Drums — Nico Rayman

Release Date: February 23, 2024

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Damian Cousins
Damian Cousins
Damian "The Maestro" Cousins is an avowed lover of heavy metal and the band KISS. A die-hard Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Dallas Mavericks fan, you can usually find him watching games with his autistic son, Corey. He is also a 5-time Fantasy Football champion. Damian previously served as Founder and Publisher of Amps and Green Screens. He contributes music reviews to THE ROCK FATHER Magazine.

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