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Album Review: EXOCRINE — ‘Legend’

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EXOCRINE just released their latest album Legend and I can’t think of a better title, to be honest. This thing crushes as far as being a pummeling, cave-your-head-in slab of death metal that simply demands abuse of the REPEAT button as soon as it’s over.

This is also the first album of 2024 to give me an entry into my Songs of the Year category. Not coincidentally, this is also the best song on the record. I’m talking about “Dust In the Naught,” a track that brings the heavy, sure, but there are quite a few turns that will have you going back for more.

Right before that comes “The Altar of War” which is another bruiser on an album full of them, and one that I go back to often. “Warlock” continues down the path of brutality before “Dragon” hits you with an added element of melody. This also really shows off drummer Theo Gendron’s chops.

The title track is 100% an exercise in brutality — but it’s not some mindless beating. It’s more like a sinister welcome into this maze of evil and draws you in to hear more. Season of Mist knew what they were doing getting these guys on board. Legend is out now, so grab your copy today!



Album Details:

Source: Season of Mist


1. Presage
2. Legend
3. Life
4. Eidolon
5. The Altar Of War
6. Dust In The Naught
7. Warlock
8. Dragon
9. The Oath
10. By The Light Of The Pyre


Sylvain Octor Perez: Lead Guitars
Nicolas La Rosa: Guitars
Jordy Besse: Bass, Vocals
Theo Gendron: Drums

Release Date: January 26, 2024

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Damian Cousins
Damian Cousins
Damian "The Maestro" Cousins is an avowed lover of heavy metal and the band KISS. A die-hard Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Dallas Mavericks fan, you can usually find him watching games with his autistic son, Corey. He is also a 5-time Fantasy Football champion. Damian previously served as Founder and Publisher of Amps and Green Screens. He contributes music reviews to THE ROCK FATHER Magazine.

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