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If you’re a guitarist that’s into the heavy stuff, odds are you hold a lot of respect for the late Dimebag Darrell Abbott. His playing was unique and groundbreaking and his tones were legendary. While his sound evolved over the course of PANTERA‘s career and into his other work with Damageplan, Rebel Meets Rebel and more, there’s no mistaking the signature tones that were present on 1990’s Cowboys From Hell. Now, IK Multimedia in collaboration with Dime’s longtime friend and guitar tech, Grady Champion, have put together the Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection for AmpliTube. This new collection features precise models of the exact gear used to record Cowboys From Hell, allowing players to match the guitar tones from the album including Dime’s personal guitar effects, amplifiers and cabinets – all running inside of AmpliTube. It’s available in a convenient desktop app and DAW plug-in, so guitarists can now play and record using the same gear and settings Dime did. Check out the demo video below along with all the models included…

Five Stompboxes:

  • 6-Band EQ, six-band graphic EQ based on a unit by MXR®; used to shape and boost sound before the amp.
  • Pre EQ 3, three-Band Parametric EQ based on the Furman® PQ-3; offers great flexibility for sound shaping.
  • Flanger Doubler, based on an MXR® Flanger Doubler, offering two effects in one. Primarily used by Dime in “doubler mode” to thicken in his overall tone.
  • Dime Wah, based on the Dunlop® Cry Baby® GCB95. Modeled with precise attention to Dime’s lead tones.
  • Dime Noise Gate, fast and very responsive; based on the Rocktron® Hush IIB model.

Two Amplifiers:

  • Darrell From Hell 100, modeled to meticulously mirror the highly coveted Randall® RG 100ES solid-state, 120 watt amplifier. The sound and tone of this amp became famous when Dime started using it in the early Pantera days.
  • Jazz Amp 120CFH, based on the 1986 Roland JC120®, this stereo amp was used on the song Cemetery Gates. Fine-tuned to match the exact tone heard on the album.

Two Cabinets:

  • Darrell From Hell 412, based on the Randall® 412JB; the perfect companion to the Darrell From Hell 100 amplifier.
  • JP Jazz CFH, the stereo cabinet section of the Roland JC120® combo that features 2×12-inch speakers.

Ready to rock Dimebag-style? Check out IK Multimedia for pricing and availability.

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