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ANTHONY JESELNIK – “Caligula” (Comedy Review)

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caligulaboxI bet you weren’t aware that NickMom was blatantly copying The Rock Father when they decided to slide some NSFW standup comedy into the programming mix on Nick Jr. Actually, I did it the smart way – keeping the “Comedy For Grownups” hidden just out of sight from the family-friendly goodness of my main site, but easily within reach of parents who want to be entertained with all of the “offensive” comedy they can handle. NickMom just dropped their naughty bits directly in front of families expecting to see DORA THE EXPLORER and YO GABBA GABBA.  Doing what I do, I can cover the comedic genius of ANTHONY JESELNIK without people starting petitions and jumping down my throat for “corrupting the children.” With his new album, CALIGULA out this week on Comedy Central Records (I reviewed his 2010 release, SHAKESPEARE here), it’s time to drop some more virtual ink on the one guy who can open a show with a “rape” joke and have it be ok.

Seriously, while Comedy Central sent me a download of the new album, my wife and I caught the television airing of the special over the weekend (it’s also out on DVD), and Jeselnik does open the show with a bit that’s simply called, “Rape.” My wife was laughing, so I asked her – “As a woman, why is it ok for him to make a rape joke, but it’s not ok when others do it?” Her response? “Because Anthony Jeselnik is funny.” Take that, Daniel Tosh. Loser.



On CALIGULA, Jeselnik maintains the assassin-like timing and precision that he’s become known for, while treading into darker territory this time around. In my opinion, everything should be fair game in comedy (yes, EVERYTHING) and that’s exactly why I have no problems with a guy who can toss out a joke about Casey Anthony (did anyone kill her yet?) or go on one of countless tales of Death.


Anthony Jeselnik may not be for everyone, but he sure as hell should be.

CALIGULA is available for download from iTunes, or on DVD from Walmart.

The Rock Father Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

And for the record… I’m joking about NickMom ripping me off. I got some huge laughs while reading the comments so many parents were leaving online to complain about their “offensive” programming. Keep up the good work!

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