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518hyEg8v3L. SL100 After being on hiatus for nearly a decade, ARMORED SAINT have returned with LA RAZA(due March 16, 2010 on Metal Blade) – their first set of entirely new material since 2000’s REVELATION. The on-again-off-again band (due to vocalist John Bush being the in-again-out-again frontman of ANTHRAX) has been taunting fans with the prospect of a new album since 2008 when bassist Joey Vera revealed that he and Bush had started writing together again.
Worth a listen, the album reminds you that while the band is comprised of excellent musicians, there’s a reason why they never reached the same level of success enjoyed by many of their peers: the songwriting. Elements of great songs can be found sprinkled within a ton of filler, and with the right producer could likely be extracted and formed into something memorable.

Ultimately, LA RAZA is a well-played album that finds itself feeling dated upon release and devoid of a signature track. Diehard Armored Saint fans will likely be split down the middle on this one, and with Bush now performing with Anthrax yet again, the future of Armored Saint seems uncertain once more.

Rating: 2.5/5

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