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51cg22ziQL. SL500 AA300 ATOM SMASH would like you to know that they are a rock band. From the cover art featuring a woman spread-eagle with angel wings and a missile rising between her legs, the “rock” is quite evident on their debut release and not-so-subtle penis nod LOVE IS IN THE MISSILE, due out August 31 via Jive Records.

As for the quality of said rock, this “missile” is a dud. “Ashes” starts the album off tasting like “Tantric-lite,” while the lead single “Do Her Wrong” shows promise with verses that seem a little bit like Def Leppard in disguise and a chorus that feels like a sing-along until you catch it’s laughable lyrics:

“She can be a saint, she can be a looker
She can make love or fuck like a hooker”

Jon Hamm SergioSadly, this is not a STEEL PANTHER album, so the tongue-in-cheek doesn’t really work here. “Erase Those Days” is another unwilling self-parody, a ballad in which vocalist Sergio Sanchez proclaims that “it’s gonna take more than a drink and a gun” to “blow” him “away.”

The rest of the album is more of the same, and I have to question – do these guys or their label know that they’re a joke? Need visual evidence? Check out their new video below in which one of their guitarists rocks sleeveless flannel in a manner not seen since Ted Nugent in DAMN YANKEES.


One of the worst albums of 2010

Rating: 1/5

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