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Baby Watch 2012: The Sibling Class…


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I don’t know if they had such a thing when I was a kid, but we took the munchkin to a ‘sibling class’ last week. Since we’re in the final countdown stages of Baby Watch 2012, we’re getting the little one used to the idea that she will soon have a sidekick. What this means for me is that I’ll likely wind up tied to the ground Guilliver’s Travels-style in a few years – a victim to the mischievous female offspring. For the immediate days ahead, we’re getting Daughter #1 excited for Daughter #2.

The little one is outgoing, and like Dad – can’t sit still. I do real bad with sitting in classes, offices, movie theaters – basically, gatherings of any kind. In fact, I get such bad anxiety while “sitting still,” I always have to be on an aisle seat to have an easy escape. I think the little one is the same way. Even before class started, she was up running around and investigating the world around her.


There weren’t a ton of kids in the class, but the group was all attentive – especially our munchkin. Basic instruction on “do’s and don’ts” was provided, along with some visual aids to familiarize the kids with what to expect. This was all followed by a vastly-dated movie (on glorious VHS) following a family and their new baby as their first child made the adjustment.


The little one did pretty good, but not without a temper tantrum in the midst of our hospital tour…


Have any of you ever done the Sibling Class? If so, how did your children react?

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