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Back to Bayside: SAVED BY THE BELL Vol. 1 is Coming from ROAR Comics…

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After a digital run last year, Lion Forge’s ROAR Comics has teamed-up with IDW to issue a full-length graphic novel edition of SAVED BY THE BELL Vol. 1. Yes, it’s 112 pages of action set at Bayside High School, all collected in trade paperback form, and geared toward young readers, ages 8-12. I wonder if ZACK ATTACK is back to rock the stage in this one? Check out a preview below!

LionForge SBTB 01 CovSAVED BY THE BELL: Volume 1:
Time out – we need to talk about high school. Specifically Bayside High School, where we got to know our pals Zack, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, Screech, and Jessie. Relatable but safe for younger kids, a whole generation grew up watching the misadventures of these teen idols on the classic television series Saved By the Bell. At a time when Saturday morning was ruled by cartoons, the show ushered in an era of live-action tween comedies that still reigns supreme, and now Roar Comics is bringing the magic back for today’s young readers in the very first Saved By the Bell graphic novel.
Kicking things off at the perfect starting point for newbies, the series is a modern reboot set during the Bayside gang’s freshman year, where they’ve traded in their brick cell phones for Twitter accounts and iPhones. But these inseparable friends still have the same chemistry and camaraderie we remember from the old days. Written by television vet Joelle Sellner(Teen Titans, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) with expressive artwork by multiple Eisner Award-nominated Chynna Clugston Flores(Blue Monday, Queen Bee) and Tim Fish(The Graphic Canon, Uncanny X-Men: Nation X), Saved By the Bell is a zany yet still grounded coming of age story reminiscent of classic teen humor comics but with a cutting edge.
Pre-order now via my associate, Amazon, or at your local comic shop.
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