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Back to School: An After-School Treat with RUBY’s ROCKETS

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While it’s the unofficial end-of-summer this weekend and the temperatures are still reaching nearly 100 degrees here at Rock Father HQ, both of my girls – at 4 and 14 months – have been loving their icy treats. One new addition to our Ice Box Arsenal (Rock Father slang for “the freezer”) has been RUBY’S ROCKETS Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Pops. Since summer is ending and Addie goes Back to School this week, I’m thinking that Ruby’s Rockets are a perfect after-school treat, and here’s why…

Finley with a Ruby's Rocket...

rubysboxesThere’s a lot of junk food out there. I know this because I’ve had a bad habit of eating a lot of it… but at the same time, I’ve been exceptionally careful to make sure that my kids aren’t eating it. Yeah, I’ve been that “mean Dad” denying my daughters treats when the neighbors are dishing them out, but I get to do that. While it’s easy to reach for something sugary and not-so-healthy, Ruby’s Rockets are natural – like a frozen, homemade smoothie – Dairy Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan, with 70% of ingredients said to come from organic sources. They’re available in three varieties: Rock-It Red, Galaxy Green, and Orbit Orange. The only problem is, their availability isn’t widespread just yet… so the Ruby’s Rockets crew sent me some back in July. And, while they work on getting into more neighborhood stores, the folks at Ice Cream Source can have them shipped to YOU via FedEx, delivered nice and cold thanks to dry ice.

Both of my girls love Ruby’s Rockets, and they were immediately a hit with my wife as well… thanks to one look at the ingredients list (even though I’m good most of the time, she does check what I buy – and I have been yelled at on occasion).

Ruby's Rockets Ingredients - Galaxy Green

Satisfying the desire for a frozen treat while sneaking some real fruits and veggies into the mix is a HUGE score… especially for the notoriously-picky-eater, Addie. 


The Rock Father - Approved!With that, I’m officially declaring Ruby’s Rockets to be 100% Rock Father-Approved! To find out where you can find Ruby’s Rockets, check out their official website.

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