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Back to School: Funley’s Delicious Super Crackers & Wholly Granolly Clusters… Lunchbox Treats that Rock!

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In doing my first-ever round of Back-to-School coverage this year on The Rock Father, I started running across some things that were new to me overall… some of which I wasn’t even aware of until they showed up at my door. One example: Funley’s Delicious. An assortment of SUPER CRACKERS and WHOLLY GRANOLLY CLUSTERS arrived here for review consideration, and to say that they were a hit is an understatement… they were gobbled up by kids and grownups alike, sending this Dad and some fellow parents on a hunt for more. 

Funley's Delicious

The Rock Father HQ shipment...On the surface, these easily-portable snacks appear to be an all-natural, healthy option for lunch box packing… or munching anywhere at anytime. In reality, they’re a lot more… with each of the SUPER CRACKERS containing a secret (to the kids) Superfood ingredient. For us, the big winner was the CORNBREAD N’ STUFF crackers with hidden Sweet Potato. Other varieties include Cheddar (broccoli), Pizza (carrots), and Ranch (spinach).

The Wholly Granolly Clusters were more desirable to the grownups, with the PEANUT BUTTER PRETZEL striking The Rock Father’s fancy.

We dig the Funley’s snacks so much, that I started packing them in my diaper bag for on-the-go action. And that’s how other parents started taking notice…

My Diaper Bag

The Rock Father Approved! 2013Like many of the healthier options out there, Funley’s have not yet become widespread enough to be found at the big box stores. They are, however, available at many specialty grocers Nationwide (click here for locations), or you can stock up online via their official site. There’s no junk in this food, and it’s totally worth it. Funley’s Delicious are Rock Father-Approved!

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