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BATMAN Automobilia: Racing from the Batcave with “The Definitive Collection of Batman Vehicles”


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My daughter thinks that “the Batcave” is the large hole on the sub-woofer next to my desk. Actually, she calls it “Batman’s Cave,” and though I don’t recall doing so, I probably told her that it was awhile back and thus she just repeats it all the time. I like Batman a lot.

While some hold the classic 1966 television series in high regard as having “the best batmobile,” for me the Anton Furst-designed car from Tim Burton’s 1989 BATMAN is the definitive ride for the caped crusader, followed closely by The Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT trilogy. My daughter and I have a little collection of HOT WHEELS and MATCHBOX Batmobiles by Mattel going, and oddly enough, both the ’89 car and Tumbler are missing from our set thus far. There’s just so many different variations out there in so many different scales, it’s hard to keep up. For the completists, however, comes BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA, a new series touted as “The Definitive Collection of Batman Vehicles.” 

Produced by UK-based Eaglemoss, Ltd., BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA is set for release as a series of 1:43 diecast cars in collector’s cases complete with backdrop. Each car will be accompanied by a  12-page Magazine that goes in-depth on each vehicle. Cool, right? Well, the real kicker is that they’re planning 80 releases in the series! Available by subscription in the UK via the publisher’s website, BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA is being made available here in the U.S. via Entertainment Earth. The first six releases are currently up for pre-order on the site for $19.99 each – which puts them in that “adult collector” range. That also means that if the series does end up running 80-vehicles strong, you’re looking at $1600 to complete your set. That’s not counting the UK-bonuses which they’re offering with subscription – currently the 1989 BATWING, 89 “SHELL,” and a replica 1966 license plate.

About The Batman Automobilia Collection…


The Batman Automobilia Collection gives collectors the most definitive collection of Batman’s vehicles ever assembled. These amazing die-cast vehicles reproduce the Batmobiles that have been seen in comics, on television, and in the blockbuster Batman movies since Batman’s debut in 1939. Each Batmobile comes with a unique 3-D lenticular backdrop that creates a detailed scene of the Dark Knight and his vehicle. Perfectly reproduced at 1:43-scale and made of zinc alloy, these die-case vehicles have additional metal castings for extra detail, including gadgets. Every vehicle also comes with an informative 12-page magazine that looks at the history of the vehicle – and Batman himself.

#1 – 1989 Batmobile – Click to pre-order!

#2 – 1966 Batmobile – Click to pre-order!
#3 – 2005 BATMAN BEGINS Batmobile (Tumbler) – Click to pre-order!
#4 – 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Batmobile – Click to pre-order!
#5 – Detective Comics #400 Batmobile – Click to pre-order!
#6 – Detective Comics #156 Batmobile – Click to pre-order!
For more information on this series, check out http://eaglemoss.com/batmobiles/ 

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