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celestialcompletionlargeEarthquakes. Tsunamis. Nuclear meltdowns. If the Mayans were correct in ending their calendar with the presumption that the world will end in 2012, then BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE have created the soundtrack for the coming apocalypse.

While countless bands have tackled the end of days scenario, never before has it been done with the level of skill and perfection displayed on CELESTIAL COMPLETION (out March 29, 2011 via Solid State). Maintaining an orchestral structure throughout, this is a true album, a presentation of sonic indulgence that must be consumed as a whole to truly appreciate.

“The Resonant Frequency of Flesh” opens the album in a manner that will immediately strike those that enjoy a cinematic flavor to their metal. Highly influenced by the work of Danny Elfman, the classical melds perfectly with the metallic, building to climax with the sound of a choir left to ring out and into “The Magnetic Sky.”

Here at the end of the world
Planets fall and we are rising
Soul and sky are magnetizing

So goes the first words of the aforementioned “Magnetic Sky,” possibly the signature song of the album. Well-represented on the cover of the album, ‘Sky is an epic in the purest sense of the word. Mixing the death metal chaos with a beautifully delivered chorus, the track is one of the few that can be enjoyed a la carte, though I would caution against it.

At the center of the album is the three-part “Requiem Aeternam,” kicked-off by the solo-piano composition“Music of the Spheres” (which in some ways reminds me of the Jan Hammer-performed theme song to the 1991 telefilm “Knight Rider 2000”) and rapidly escalating into the sounds of man’s final battle.“Invisible Creature” follows this trilogy.

“Cardiac Rebellion” is the song that initially piqued my interest in the album, as it takes your ideas of what the band can do and twists them inside out. What appears to be a fairly straight-forward track begins to change at the 2:07 mark when the brass enters the equation. Indeed, there are horns that sound as the track swells to include a dose of hardcore gang-vocals. At 3:06, the real transformation takes place, as BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE channels CANDIRIA by bringing in some solid jazz playing before breaking out the ska. There’s not another track like it on the album, and while it’s different, it still totally fits in the grand scheme.

The final chapter has already been written
The story has been told
In another dimension, beyond the reach of time
There is no more, no more to behold

You could easily view “Breathing Light” as the end credits… a fitting close to the album, clearly evident in the lyrics posted above.

CELESTIAL COMPLETION arrived here almost three weeks ago, and I have listened to it in it’s entirety every single day since. For this listener, it’s a perfect album, and I highly suggest that you give it a listen for yourself.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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