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Behind-the-Scenes of Mattel’s Hot Wheels X-Wing Fighter Carship!

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When you think of Hot Wheels, you might not automatically think about the real-world physics and planning that goes into each car. Things get even more complicated when the project is a collaboration between icons, and that’s been the case when it comes to Mattel and Lucasfilm working together on several lines of diecast vehicles with roots in a galaxy far, far away. After a massive success with the Hot Wheels STAR WARS Character Cars (see my checklist here) and Starships, now comes the launch of CARSHIPS (just-launched checklist here!) at Comic-Con International (SDCC). With a stellar Trench Run Exclusive being offered at SDCC, the Hot Wheels team is back in force, with a full-size, drivaeble 1:1 X-Wing Fighter Carship on display. This ride is inspired by the X-Wing Fighters of the classic STAR WARS Saga, but paired with a dragster to form a functional race car that can actually perform in real-life, while the Hot Wheels 1:64-scale version is one of the fastest Hot Wheels cars to date, able to “fly” down the Orange Track! Check out the new vehicle in action below, along with a behind-the-scenes video and gallery showcasing the build.

Some Things to Know:

  • The X-wing Carship design was inspired by a dragster and has two laser cannons, two top jets and two side body jets that bring to life the essence of the Star Wars X-wing Fighter
  • A simulated X-wing starship cockpit that puts the driver in the seat of a Rebel fighter – this is the closest fans are going to get to flying and Star Wars X-wing
  • The accompanying diecast vehicle was also designed to perform on the Hot Wheels orange track making it one of the fastest Hot Wheels cars to date

Go behind-the-scenes:

Stay tuned for more news from Hot Wheels and STAR WARS as I have it, right here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine!

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