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The casting of BEN AFFLECK as BATMAN in the forthcoming SUPERMAN/BATMAN team-up might be old news at this point, but today I’ve got some Bat-related news that is also… old news. Sorta… But it’s probably new to you!

MARRIAGE AND OTHER TRAGEDIES is a webseries by New York-based Writer/Actor/Filmmaker GREGORY ABBEY that was started in 2012 and continues regularly, it’s eighth episode posted just this August. So why is this “old news,” you ask? Because of where it all began… way back in May of last year, with a dark tale rooted firmly in the heart of Gotham City. A tale that goes deep into the heart of one man, as he dons a cape and cowl in an effort to prove the old cliche that “one man can make a difference…” cleaning the house. Get ready for BATDAD!


Now, I’m not gonna deny possibly wearing a costume on occasion when the family is away. In fact, I’m not even gonna deny that I might possibly be probably am wearing a Batman cowl right now as I update The Rock Father site at 10pm on a Tuesday. What I will say, is that Gregory Abbey has crafted a highly personal series of videos, with an introductory episode that strikes this blogger right in his heart. And while I’m not a big sports-watcher, the OPRAH WINFREY episode is well worth your time.

It's BATDAD...

Check out more on the MARRIAGE AND OTHER TRAGEDIES official site, and for more on what Greg does (he voiced Raphael on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, Duke on G.I. JOE: SIGMA 6, and more), check him out here.

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