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BLIND MELON issue 20th Anniversary edition of debut album with SIPPIN’ TIME SESSIONS EP…

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While this coming September will technically be the 21st Anniversary of the release of BLIND MELON‘s self-titled debut album, tomorrow the band will celebrate the release of a special 20th Anniversary Reissue. Overseen by bassist Brad Smith and guitarist Christopher Thorn, the album has been remastered for the first time, and paired with a previously-unreleased EP entitled the SIPPIN’ TIME SESSIONS. The set will be released on CD and Digital formats April 16, with a 180-gram gatefold 2LP vinyl edition of the remastered Blind Melon album and SIPPIN’ TIME SESSIONS EP available exclusively at Record Store Day-participating retailers on April 20th.

Tracks on the SIPPIN’ TIME SESSIONS EP are from the band’s first professional recordings, all completed at the famous Sound City Studios (the same studio documented by FOO FIGHTERS’ Dave Grohl in the film SOUND CITY). 

“When I pulled up the tracks, I was immediately taken back to the feeling of walking into a big studio for the first time. Everyone seemed to be on fire, especially Shannon. It was super refreshing to hear full takes without overdubs! 2″ tape, 24 tracks and dudes in a room with mics… amazing! David Briggs took us to Sound City because he had worked there with Neil Young and really liked the Neve board that was in there. Listening back to the tapes, I realize he made the perfect choice for us. We are lucky to have these recordings!” Brad Smith
“I am very excited that these recordings are finally being heard. As I was mixing the tracks I realized just how lucky we were to record at the legendary Sound City Studios with John Hanlon as our engineer and David Briggs as our producer. They taught us so much about how to capture our sound on tape. David was in the tracking room with us, conducting and dancing along with us. I felt so inspired by him. It is one of my favorite memories during this session. This was a magical time for our band and I am very excited that our fans will finally get to hear and feel just how pumped we were to be making our first recordings. Hearing Shannon’s voice on these recordings gave me chills and reminded me why I still miss him every day.”Christopher Thorn

Blind Melon: Blind Melon [CD; digital; 2LP]

blindmeloncover1. Soak The Sin

2. Tones Of Home

3. I Wonder

4. Paper Scratcher

5. Dear Ol’ Dad

6. Change

7. No Rain

8. Deserted

9. Sleepy house

10. Holy Man

11. Seed To A Tree

12. Drive

13. Time

“Sippin’ Time Sessions” EP

14. Dear Ol’ Dad

15. Soul One

16. Tones Of Home

17. Seed To A Tree

18. Mother  

I still have my original copy of the BLIND MELON album here at Rock Father HQ on CD. I might have to break it out to share with the little ones for the very first time this week.  While the band disappeared for awhile following the early passing of original vocalist Shannon Hoon, they regrouped a few years back and continue to tour with vocalist Travis Warren fronting the band. For more on what they’re up to, give ’em a like on Facebook.

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