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Braving the Wicked Winter of Northern Illinois… with an “Axe” and a “Friend”

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From the Client Relations Department at Rock Father HQ: THE ROCK FATHER has partnered with Life of Dad and Fisherman’s Friend for the #ToughRelief promotion.

Living in Northern Illinois, the weather is often unpredictable, with winter weather a particularly daunting challenge. The seasons have shifted by weeks, and the thermostat swings to and fro with an often schizophrenic level of irregularity. One day the wind chill is -27°, while the next swings upward to nearly 40°. From unbearable risk of frostbite to melting snow and back down below freezing once more, the winter months wreak havoc upon your body, and while I’ve not spent the winters at sea, I can imagine what it might be like (especially after visiting the shores of Lake Michigan in December), and I do enjoy unleashing the power of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges to fight the inevitable sore throats and coughs that come with the winter months.

Fisherman's Friend = Rock Father-Approved!

While my friend Patrick at Life of Dad had to fake his way through craft a creative representation of a “tough” winter, we live it here in the Midwest – to the point where some like me don’t even bundle up as much as we should. A hat, gloves, hoodie and a pea coat over the top is usually enough for me as I tough the walk to the bus stop in the morning – the girls bundled up like those kids in A CHRISTMAS STORY. One day we’ve got a foot of snow… then a complete melt-off a few days later… and then I nice new batch of snow on top of inches of re-frozen ice. It’s like The Rock Daughters have summoned the power of Elsa just to play an unfunny goof on us… and instead of letting a sore throat get me, I go old-school with the Tough Relief of Original Extra Strong Fisherman’s Friend lozenges – ones just like James Lofthouse created in the UK back in 1865. They’re soothing, and they rock.

THE ROCK FATHER uses Fisherman's Friend Original Extra Strong
One of our neighbors uncomfortably stopped their car in front of our house to see why I was standing in the snow with a guitar.
They should know better than to question such a thing.

fishermans friendSo we’ve heard how the West Coast does it, and how I do it here on the Third Coast, so how do they do it on the East Coast? I think that “Thirsty Daddy” can fill us in at some point in the days ahead…

Prepare for all that winter can throw at you. Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are available at many retailers throughout the U.S., including Walmart, CVS and more. Unleash the Power and get inspired on their official website and Facebook page!

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