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Bread that Rocks? Yep, Dave’s Killer Bread is no joke, but what a story behind it… (Food Review)


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I’ve covered a lot of ground here on THE ROCK FATHER over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever brought you a review of bread before. It takes something a little bit different to hook me, and DAVE’S KILLER BREAD had the story to pique my interest even before the girls and I tried the product, which is not just very, very good, but excellent. In fact, Dave’s Killer Bread (Non-GMO, Organic, Project-Verified Whole Grain) accomplished an incredible feat – it’s the only “grainy” bread that my girls have ever eaten, and thus far the only one they will eat. But there’s a story to go along with this bread – one that will no doubt have a movie hidden within one day…

When a box containing two loaves of the Milwaukie, Oregon-baked bread arrived here at Rock Father HQ in Illinois (sent in timing with Back-to-School), I figured that the Seeded Honey Wheat and 100% Whole Wheat Bread would be the source of my sandwiches for a bit – the exact opposite of the “smooth” whole grains my girls are used to eating. They’re exceptionally picky eaters, and it’s reached the point of annoyance for my wife and I. I’ve tried to get them to try other breads, from the “beefy” kind I dig, to smooth whole wheat and rye. Completely rejected. Dave’s packaging touts “the bread heel you’ll fight over,” and that’s fairly accurate – none of ours went to waste.

Whether toasted, eaten right from the bag, served up with peanut butter, turned into grilled cheese, or flattened into a panini, Dave’s Killer Bread is something special, and something that I hope will become available in our area at some point down the line, as it’s currently available at retail in only about half of the country (but can be ordered online). As someone who’s tried countless breads over the years, Dave’s has a great product that’s filling, tasty, and healthy.

And my girls eat it! That right there earns the Rock Father-Approved seal as we find another lunchbox-ready item for the pantry.

But the story?

At its core, Dave’s is a story of redemption, though one recently tarnished by some unfortunate events. Founder Dave Dahl, pictured on the company logo, his long hair draped down as he jams on a guitar, is an ex-felon. In fact, 1/3 of the company’s 300+ employees are ex-felons, given “second chances” to honor the fact that Dave himself was given a second chance – one that allowed him to enter into the family business of baking, and create a small Empire that has amassed millions in sales based on a mix of a fantastic product and a community outreach. The success of the company led to Goode Partners, LLC (the folks who own Skullcandy headphones) buying into Dave’s to take it National, and the outside interest might be what Dave’s needs most right now. Check out last year’s GOOD SEED: THE DAVE’S KILLER BREAD STORY

The problem here, which is something I can’t ignore due to the timing of my writing this entry, is that this story doesn’t have a real ending yet – and since that video above, the current status has changed and is in-flux. Dave got himself into trouble with the law again last November, and the outcome has yet to be decided… which is exactly why it’s good that someone else is running the show at Dave’s Killer Bread since the guy on the package is hands-off at this point (Modern Farmer even made a comic out of the story). Sadly, Dahl is struggling with some mental health issues, and for that I wish him well, as I, too have faced a few demons of my own over the years. As his next chapter is still unfolding (a trial is set to start on October 17), Dave has been active on Facebook with updates, as well as speaking out about mental illness.

In the meantime, Dave’s Killer Bread is developing and releasing new varieties (like the just-issued Thin Sliced 100% Whole Wheat and Powerseed) regularly as its National expansion continues.

For more: http://www.daveskillerbread.com/
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