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brutaltruthreviewThis is some old-school grind right here.

With songs ranging from 0:05 on the short end to 15:21 on the long end, BRUTAL TRUTH have delivered another punishing set of American Grindcore on their sixth studio album, END TIME.  Taking a cue from their WAR OF THE WORLDS-inspired cover art, the band descends upon your stereo like an alien force determined to invade your ear canal and melt your mind.

End Time and Old World Order stand out among the lightspeed chaos, while the Warm Embrace of Poverty brings that slowed-down groove at just the right moment.

While they’ll likely never top their excellent 1992 release EXTREME CONDITIONS DEMAND EXTREME RESPONSES, Brutal Truth have once again crafted the type of record I can play loud when there’s people outside my house that I’d like to make go away.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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